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Angie McMahon on the pros and cons of tipping culture—Onicia Update

How much are y’all tipping today? New #scamsss with Devin Whitlock and Angie McMahon. Also, do you know who the first Asian (American) superhero is?

Hey Friends,

Do you think tipping service workers is a scam? Devin and I would love to hear your take. In this new episode of #Scamsss we talk with Chicago comedian Angie McMahon on the pros and cons of tipping culture KEEP READING

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Catch me on Oh No! with Anna Campion

Fellow podcaster, Anna Campion (@iamthecampion) recently had me on her show where guests retell embarrassing stories. I share the hilarious tale about my failed prom and graduation dresses.

Angie McMahon is funny!

Angie McMahon is a comedic writer for hire. You should follow her on Twitter (@angiemcmahon) because, later this year, she will be on a Roku Original show. If you’re in Chicago, you can see Angie in a live Variety show headlined by Judy Gold.

May 14 at 9:30pm
The Vittum Theater 
1012 N Noble St, Chicago, IL 60642

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Finally Taking Flight: Wing, the First Asian (American) Superhero

Wing is arguably more than a sidekick anyway. In his earliest appearances, he’s extremely competent: flying planes, defusing bombs, and proving to be a better hand-to-hand fighter than the Crimson Avenger himself sometimes. KEEP READING

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