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Busting scams and cancelling my mustache—Onicia Update

No scam is safe. No facial hair will survive.

Hey Friends,

NEW #SCAMSSS with comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh

Chicago comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh (@joycestandsup) loves public libraries. Devin Whitlock (@devinagagonistes) is afraid of the ‘most dangerous writing app.’ KEEP READING

library - Joyce Hagen-McIntosh - scams - romance

Books, Bible, Beer, and Queer podcast

A podcast with such a broad title allows comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh to talk to just about anyone about everything. In this episode, Joyce interviews Comedian Kristen Becker about changing lives of LGBTQ+ youths one Summer of Sass at a time.

Cancelling my mustache at Mother Cluckers Comedy

Special thanks to Joyce and Katie Speetzen for letting me sling jokes at Mother Clucker’s all-female comedy showcase.

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