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Suvie: Your Countertop Kitchen Robot—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Onicia got an ad for Suvie,  a countertop kitchen robot. It’s a 2 – part system. The Veggie and meat maker is $399 and the pasta/coffee maker is $399. BIG BOOTY BUTTCHEEKS–there’s a catch– you can only get that price if you buy into the meal subscription service.

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Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

$299 for 5 Minutes to Practice a Pitch?! And No Deal—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

This episode’s scam begins like so many others: with a mass email sent to the Promotions folder! Devin made the mistake of signing up for a “free” pitch meeting with a rando executive, but he forgot to read the fine print that stated he had to pay three hundred dollars if he wanted to actually pitch something in order to get lukewarm feedback. Full season 2 starts in April!

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Pitch Meeting Scam

Devin tells a story about how he ended up in a Zoom call with too many people sharing movie and tv show ideas, some of which are bad enough that they’ll probably end up produced soon enough. At least he didn’t stay for the whole thing!

Question: Tweet us (@devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller) to tell us: would you spend this kind of money for five minutes of pitching and two minutes of feedback?

We’re better than studio executives because we’re honest.

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes

Comic Books Are a Scam! (But Not Really)—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We’re back! Scams, Swindles, and Schemes returns for season 2 and we’re coming out fighting. Are comic books a scam? Don’t come at us until you watch the whole clip, nerds! Devin provides a full-throated defense of a legitimate art form while also admitting to fatigue with the Big Two and their domination of the market share. Full season 2 starts in April!

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Comic Book Movie Scams!

Devin and Onicia have very different opinions on this subject, but they do agree that there are too many superheroes out there making people think that’s what comic books are all about. Meeting in the middle is sometimes the key to a lasting friendship.

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You’re all superheroes to us!

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Scampaign Giveaway Details

Scams, Swindles, and Schemes is a hit! We’re launching a Scampaign to spread the word. What’s a ‘scampaign’? Glad you asked.



A series of sketchy activities undertaken to achieve a goal. Scam + campaign = Scampaign.

Scampaign Goals:

  1. Raise $700 to hire Shawn York Media to edit season 2. Yes, we paid him with our own money to edit season 1.
  2. Gain 476 subscribers for Devin Whitlock’s YouTube channel (total 500 subscribers).
  3. Gain 341 subscribers for Onicia Muller’s YouTube channel (total 500 subscribers).
  4. Thank our Marks (a.k.a. podcast fans) by giving away BIG MONEY.

Scampaign Giveaway: How to win $10

We’re giving $10 to our most susceptible marks enthusiastic fans. There will be one winner per episode.

  1. Subscribe to Devin Whitlock’s YouTube channel
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  3. Watch an episode of Scams, Swindles, and Schemes.
  4. Comment on one of the videos. Be sure to paste your comment on both Devin’s and Onicia’s YouTube channels.
    Note: Onicia’s channel hosts the episodes. Devin’s channel hosts the clips. If you’re ever confused about which clip belongs to which episode just go to
  5. Celebrate by spending your $10 winnings.
    Note: Winners will be announced via Onicia’s newsletter. You have 2 weeks from the announcement date to provide your social security number PayPal or Venmo info to claim your prize. 
Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Sketchy hair restoration treatment is a better investment than most altcoins—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

It’s our tenth celebration of Scamageddon. We’re happy this series, ‘Scam, Swindles, and Schemes’ is bringing so much joy. Wouldn’t you agree that spreading joy is better than spreading the gospel of Multi-Level Marketing schemes? Anyway, here episode 10!

To celebrate episode 10 we’re considering hosting a giveaway. That’s right, we think bribery is the best way to get you all to like, comment, subscribe. Seriously y’all, we need the engagement to feel good about ourselves. So email HeyOnicia[at]OniciaMuller[dot]com telling us how much money we should put on the line.

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Sugar Bear Hair is a SCAM???

Devin and Onicia advise a dear listener on whether hair growth pills (such as SugarBearHair) are a scam. As non-licensed hair gurus and humans who have no issues growing their hair we say, stop being bald and just love yourself. 

Question: Tweet us (@devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller) a photo of your hairline. Best hairline wins…cash???

Crypto secrets: this altcoin going to the moon 🚀

Since October 2020, reports on cryptocurrencies and altcoins have skyrocketed. Nearly 7,000 people reported losses of more than $80 million on crypto-related scams. That’s a median loss of $1900! We’re not gonna go so far as to say crypto is a scam. We actually think blockchain technology is a huge technological advancement. 

Question: Tweet us (@devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller) the name of your (fake) altcoin that’s scam-ranteed to ‘go to the moon’. *WRONG* answers only / “not financial advice”

Interested in crypto, the blockchain, and the future of technology? Check out David Orban’s YouTube series ‘The Context’. Onicia knows David personally and thinks he’s smart because he’s good at asking questions—not just pretending to have answers.

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Your job benefits are a scam!—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Health care is a human right, but even those of us lucky enough to qualify for it through our jobs wonder how it got so complicated! Welcome to episode nine, where Devin shares some of the recent trials from his day job to make sure he stays healthy and keeps all of his teeth. (We mean literally, nobody’s threatening to knock his teeth out. Yet.) We close out talking about the scam of retirement benefits.

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A whole lotta work to keep the same doctor

Devin’s company recently got acquired by a bigger company, and that meant changing insurance plans! After so many years with the same doctor, Devin had to cancel appointments, make sure he wasn’t charged for them, then fill out more paperwork to make sure that doctor accepted his new insurance. Fortunately, that was the case! It may not come through in the episode, but Devin does realize he’s at least lucky enough to have this problem instead of being stuck with no insurance.

Question: Tweet us your insurance nightmare story. Not into writing? Be messy and tag us ( @devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller) and that insurance company in an FU tweet. 

Dental plan! (Nobody needs braces)

Of course, benefits aren’t complete if you can’t take of your teeth! Devin had to sift through 39 different customer service options before figuring out how to get a dentist appointment, because dental coverage is separate from medical coverage. Thankfully, after a few different phone calls and some curiosity about tax codes (how does a company in North Carolina have its headquarters in California?), Devin was also able to keep his dentist and schedule a cleaning. We’ll just have to wait and see how much he has to pay for anything else he might need.

Question: Rate your teeth: scam, swindle, or scheme!

Retirement benefits that you’ll never use

Finally, and maybe most annoying, Devin has the nerve to complain about his 401(K) plan as if anybody can relate to that anymore. Devin admits that he’s never gonna be able to use it, though! Math has never been his thing, but he does more this episode than all our previous episodes combined to show how the “updates” to his retirement “savings” are little more than a cruel joke, taunting him with impossible goals. Is that too mean? You be the judge!

Question: What’s your retirement plan? Wrong answers only.

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Girl, your “invisible” lace front wig can be seen from space—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Billionaires are going into the stratosphere, and even they can report back on the wig lace featured in today’s video! It’s our eighth episode, and we’ve got another lifehack that actually works and more people inflating perceived value to desperately try and create actual value. Another “devoted listener” who will remain anonymous sent in a story about using a $5 birthday coupon for a salad bar to basically get a week’s worth of food. And Gretta van Riel uses marketing psychology to sell watches that don’t look like they’re worth the asking price. Reach out to us via Twitter, buy us a coffee, subscribe to our YouTube channels—and let us know your favorite vacation spot according to security questions down in the comments.

Gretta van Riel’s cool watch scarcity scam

Who wears a watch when our phones tell us what time it is, anyway? Onicia discovered another Instagram influencer/salesperson trying to peddle wares on social media, and the results may or may not be exactly as you expect! The asking price is pretty high, and we’re not sure they hold up under scrutiny but you can be the judge and let us know what you think. If you thought last week’s scammer’s claims of half a million dollars on Fiverr were unreal, wait until you see someone claim they got a cool million off Shopify!

Question: Who is your fave jewelry influencer? Tweet us @devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller

Lifehack: flip a $5 birthday coupon into $50 in condiments

Another “dedicated subscriber” who may or may not be one of our illustrious hosts contacted us with a great idea on how to get free condiments. A birthday coupon for a subway shop included a salad bar trip for only five dollars. You’d better believe that salad bar container was fit to burst by the time this person was done stuffing it with pickles, olives, and whatever they knew wasn’t gonna spoil too quickly!

Question: Tell us your best scam *cough* “life hack” for getting discounts.

Um, your HairVivi wig lace is visible. PERIOD.

Onicia had to promise Devin multiple times that this story wasn’t a trap to trick him into saying something racist. Once she finally convinced him, he listened to her point and had no choice but to agree with her! There’s awkward hair moments, and there’s whatever is going on in the video embedded in this week’s episode. Wait until you see Devin’s reactions this time!

Question: Can YOU see da lace, or naw???

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Making $378K A Year As A Fiverr Freelancer, Alexandra Fasulo—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Whatever kind of hot summer it is, it’s too hot for more than one story! This week, we take an extended look at the outrageous claims of a social media influencer who claims to make six figures while working freelance jobs. And she got CNBC to repeat her lies without any kind of followup questions! Aren’t the people who work there supposed to be journalists?

“Make a Fortune Writing on Fiverr”

Alex Fasulos claims to make six figures working as a proofreader/ghost writer on Fiverr. She presents all the usual materialistic “life goals” that finance gurus and other scam artists present: fancy cars, exotic trips, dream houses, etc. Devin and Onicia have both worked freelance gigs before, and neither of them think the math adds up here. Whenever you work as a full-time freelancer, you have a second full-time job: trying to get paid for freelance work! We owe a debt of gratitude for Daniel Rosehill for doing a lot of the leg work, and getting Alex to admit she uses a team to meet her ridiculous work claims (even if she doubles down on her ridiculous money claims). We’ve also got bonus content recorded for this episode! Make sure to check it all out!

Why I Have Suspicions About Alex Fasulo’s Claimed Fiverr Income (Or Methods) — Daniel Rosehill, Medium


  • Are you a slave to the gig economy? Plug your side hustle!
  • Is Alexandra Fasulo’s math mathing?
Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Chloe Ting workouts DON’T work! Gained 15 pounds—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We’re vaxxed, relaxed, and ready to discuss hacks! We made it to our sixth episode, and thought about celebrating with a workout before realizing it was pointless. Also, one of our loyal viewers wrote in with a story about a lifehack that was actually brilliant as it was useful! After buying a stroller at a yard sale two years ago, she was able to get a brand new frame from the manufacturer. All without telling a single lie! Reach out to us via Twitter, buy us a coffee, subscribe to our YouTube channels—and let us know what the make and model of the first car you drove down in the comments.

Chloe Ting tricked Onicia into exercising

Onicia discovered Chloe Ting and has some surprising news. She has lost +15 pounds since January! Devin became upset because this forced him to do math, but they were able to (mostly) objectively discuss the pros and cons of workout regimens and their promises. The thumbnail that originally piqued Onicia’s interest promised abs in ten minutes. She decides this is a scam for good, but that hasn’t stopped her muscles from screaming in rebellion. Remember to engage your core!

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Question: Who is your fave fitness influencer. Tweet us @devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller

Lifehack: 90% discount on fancy $200 baby stroller!

One of our dedicated subscribers contacted us to tell us a pretty cool story. She bought a used stroller at a yard sale (retail value $200) for $20. It may have been about a year old at the time, and she was able to get a couple of years of use out of it. She’d been taking some vigorous pandemic walks in Chicago in the winter, so you know they were the real workout from this episode. Unfortunately, the handle broke off when she pushed the kid up a snowbank! But after contacting the manufacturer, blacking out a serial number, and sending in some pictures as proof, a brand new stroller frame was delivered!

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Question: Have you ever gotten something brand new from something you bought used?

Is that toothpaste or is that soap?

Our adventures in social media hacks continue! After discovering a video on Instagram, Onicia had to see Devin’s reaction and he did not disappoint. Someone had the bright idea of putting toothpaste into soap containers to make life easier, because squeezing a toothpaste tube is so hard? After discussing the practical ramifications of this supposed innovation, we get over our confusion and revulsion to render a judgment in our customary fashion.

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Question: Have you ever gotten confused by multiple soap containers in a person’s bathroom?

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Story Time: Burning the hotel down with an iron—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We’re having a smoother ride than most cyclists in the Tour de France! It’s our fifth episode, and we celebrate by complaining about how our internet providers are scamming us and taking a closer look at business management “theories” that are basically common sense to any employee who’s worked a non-executive job for more than a week. We also look at some horrifying uses of a hotel room coffee pot. Tweet us your thoughts, comment on the video—and tell us how many different passwords you use for all your different accounts.

“Treat your employees like people! That’ll be $30.”

Devin’s boss bought a book, read the whole thing, and liked it so much he bought a ton more to give away to employees! If Devin had been forced to pay for it, this might have been a pyramid scheme. The whole industry of “business management books” follows the same pattern of telling people in charge to treat those below them like human beings while making no systemic changes to anything and using painful metaphors. Are bosses scamming their employees? Are these writers scamming bosses? Both?

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Question: Share the title of your NYT Bestseller business advice book. Wrong answers only.

Your internet is brought to you by…a monopoly!

The Five Families carved up New York City to prevent gang wars, and it looks like AT&T, RCN, and Comcast have done the same thing with Chicago (and probably everywhere else). Devin relates his own experiences trying to navigate moving from territory to territory to try and get more bandwidth, only to have any idea of more than one option thwarted at every turn. No wonder customer service sucks! They have no need to treat the customer right, since we can’t go anywhere else. Tell us your ISP horror stories below!

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Question: Name something that should be a monopoly but isn’t. Healthcare! But only if it’s accessible to all.

Deadly lifehacks sponsored by Tastemade

We take a look at another YouTuber, one who tries to convince us poor people can go on luxury vacations by saving money on food with disgusting “travel hacks” like cooking in a hotel coffee pot and using an iron as a skillet. It’s gross, it’s funny, but it’s also playing into a bigger scam about how people with no budget are somehow gonna magically be able to take fancy vacations if they “want it badly enough.” Minimum wage barely covers living expenses! No one should cook ramen in a coffee pot!

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Question: Tag us in your favorite (read: most useless) lifehack videos.