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Lil Nas X’s SNL Wardrobe Malfunction. Just call him Big Nas XXX—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Praise Elon Musk; we live to scam another day! In our fourth episode, we’re taking a closer look at Lil Nas X on SNL (but not too close–Devin is married and we respect personal space here). We also look at whether or not focus groups have gotten in on stealing your data, and revisit a story from our premiere. Tweet us your thoughts, comment on the video—and leave us the city your honeymoon was in and the make and model of your first car for good measure.

Lil Nas X’s SNL Wardrobe Malfunction

Lil Nas X performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on Saturday Night Live recently, and was supposed to do a pole dance number, but had to cut it short because of an unfortunately placed pants rip that may or may not have been deliberate, as far as Onicia and Devin are concerned. Was this a publicity stunt?

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Question: What do you think about Lil Nas X possibly pulling a Lenny Kravitz on live television?

Focus Groups Stealing Data?

Focus groups have long been an easy way to make some quick cash. Watching bad sitcom pilots, eating questionable new food flavors, or filling out a questionnaire are all good schemes and everybody wins (maybe), but what if they’re taking more than your opinion? What if today’s focus groups are stealing your personal info like so many other notorious internet scammers?

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Question: Have you ever participated in a focus group?

Maybe The Bachelor Isn’t a Scam? Or Colby’s Reality Show Isn’t?

In our first episode, we asked if The Bachelor was a scam because of its poor track record of matching couples with any lasting chemistry. We briefly touched on “Gay Bachelor” Colton and whether his upcoming Netflix show was a scam. Devin feels bad about his reaction, but stands by his assertion that all reality shows are a scam. Full stop.

Get Colton trending so he can get a show

Question: Is the gay Bachelor’s reality show legit? Does it matter when he made the deal with Netflix?

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

We’re selling a show to Netflix!—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Over 40 and need a retirement plan? Southern New Hampshire University encourages you to rack up student loans in exchange for dream jobs that probably won’t come anyway. We also debate using paid time off (PTO) or working make-up hours. Finally, dream of selling a show to Netflix? Well, we know just the people you should avoid! Tweet us your thoughts, reply to our polls—and let us know what your first pet’s name was in the city you grew up in!

Southern New Hampshire University schills sketchy M.F.A. program

While researching a potential scam, Devin made the unfortunate choice to provide contact information. This naturally backfired, but we want to take a closer look at the promises that higher education institutions make about why you should continue to be crushed by student loan debt.

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Question: Is your dream job worth never having any financial stability for the rest of your life?

Paid time off (PTO) vs. make-up hours

We uncovered yet another way that your boss might scam you out of your free time or compensation that equates to a living wage! Devin got vaccinated (yay!) but had to take time off work to get it (boo!), and had to split that time off between paid time off (PTO) and coming in on his day off to work four hours. Why couldn’t he take the whole day off? How else is he supposed to take a vacation someday?

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Question: Why don’t more jobs provide unlimited PTO?

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Netflix Pitch Deal?

We’ve all had great ideas for TV shows and thought the only thing that keeps them from getting made is our ability to get a foot in the door. What if somebody promised a foot in the door? Well, maybe not a foot in the door, but directions to the door? Or maybe they were directions to A door, but who knows what’s on the other side? We look at a “service” that’s willing to take hundreds of dollars to help you craft a pitch packet but at the end of the day, is it worth it?

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Question: Would you pay $400 for a phone call if it would help your career?

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Meghan McCain’s hairstylist hates her—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Scamageddon continues! In our second episode, we’re wading into politics (sort of). One of the greatest scams of all time! Tweet us your thoughts, comment on the video—but make sure to leave your mother’s maiden name and email password, as always.

Sarah Palin schilling the American Prosperity Summit

Not only did we find a video of Sarah Palin promoting the American Prosperity Summit, we found a guy willing to criticize it while promising his financial advice was the way to go. Which of these is the bigger scam? Or are they a swindle or a scheme? What would you do if you discovered a way to make six figures a month with eight minutes of work?

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Sarah Palin knows how Americans can make 6-figures working only 8 minutes a month!

Question: What would you do if you discovered a way to earn 6 figures by only working 8 minutes a month?

Jumping the COVID-19 vaccine line

Onicia discovered a way to jump the COVID-19 vaccine line. We know the vaccine isn’t a scam, but maybe there’s a way to scam better health out of the system?

Question: Have you ever dipped on a medical bill?

Attempt to extort money from Onicia by sharing this clip of her admitting to fraud.

Meghan McCain’s hairdresser is a Black woman and a troll

Meghan McCain is a staunch defender of the racist who insulted her dad for being a POW, but whoever is in charge of her hairstyles is clearly part of the resistance. We took a closer look at some of those looks and what they mean. Is Meghan McCain’s hairdresser scamming her the way Meghan McCain scams the women who listen to her?

Megan McCain’s hairstylist is a Black woman who has mastered the art of trolling. We stan.

Question: Do you think Megan McCain’s hairdresser is trolling or does Megan just lack swag?

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Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Are Mistresses and The Bachelor a Scam?? — Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Yay, Scamageddon is here! Our first episode is a hot 15 minutes. We’ll do our best to stay out of any legal hot waters. Tweet us your thoughts, feedback, and —most importantly—your social security number and birth date.

AP Style Guide rebranding “mistress” 

So, it seems AP Style Guide is being messy by rebranding the term “mistress” to something more family-friendly. What say you, friends? Is this a scam, swindle, or scheme?

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Scams, Swindles, Schemes - SoberFurious - Devin Whitlock - Onicia Muller
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Question: What would you rebrand “Mistress” to? Friend? Companion? Consort? Courtesan?

‘The Bachelor’ sucks at matchmaking

ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ is in it’s 25th season. That’s right, humans born the year it premiered are old enough to drink. Even weirder, many of them have already found true love. Unfortunately, of the 25 relationships launched on reality television, only 15 resulted in a proposal and only two couples are still together.

The Bachelor relationship stats - Scams Swindles and Schemes - Onicia Muller - Devin Whitlock
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Question: Who do you believe joined ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ for clout? We wanna know who you think is/was scammin’!

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Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Scammin’ ain’t easy [VIDEO]

As you know, I say “funny” things to pay the bills. Sometimes those things get me in trouble. Regardless, I do it anyway!

‘Scams, Swindles, and Schemes’ might attract a libel lawsuit, but Devin Whitlock (@devinagonistes) and I (@OniciaMuller) are young(ish) and dumb, and ready to dive head-first into this adventure. 

‘Scams, Swindles, and Schemes’ premiers Friday, June 18, 2021. Peep the trailers below.

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Scams, Swindles, and Schemes — a web show starring Devin Whitlock and Onicia Muller

‘Scams, Swindles, and Schemes’ is a friendship web show thingy where we look at internet culture stuff, everyday problems, and ideas that may be more pervasive than you thought. Then we determine if something is a Scam, a Swindle, or a Scheme!

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Devin Whitlock writes about gay comic books on the Internet, but also pop culture as a whole. He enjoys exposing scams, especially the one about the point of life being to hoard wealth. He runs the Chicago Public Library’s Comics Book Club, and his writing has appeared in GeeksOUT, Comicosity, and MEL Magazine. Read his blog on Medium.