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Is it Okay For Artists to Take a Break?—Onicia Update

Hey, Friends!

It’s me, Onicia! Writer. Comedian. Internet bestie who triggered your abandonment issues by going on a year-long hiatus from slinging jokes and writing stories.

My last official newsletter update was in April 2023. I was very deep into my postpartum recovery and getting revenge on my crappy OBGYN.

Is it good for artists to take breaks?

YES! As a (bad) Seventh-Day Adventist, I will never give up Sabbath rest. I might not always make it to church, but I’m always gonna unplug for the weekend. Recently, several popular YouTubers like Adam Neely and Extranet Shaquille shared their experiences with burnout and their futures on social media.

One thing I like about being an artist before social media and content marketing is that stepping away from the public and working in private (this doesn’t mean completely alone).

In a Vox article by Rebeca Jennings, fellow comedian, marketing expert, and IRL friend Rachael Kay Albers shared thoughtful commentary on the pressure for artists to constantly be marketing and selling our work.

Taking a break was good for me. I’m happy to be in the land of the living sharing my “little” updates with you.

Addressing broken promises.

Last year, I promised to mail out some free greeting cards. Um, that ain’t happening. If you really want my new designs, my online shop is still open. If money is an issue, shoot me an email. We’ll work something out. <3

The producers of Louder Than A Mom never uploaded my story on getting revenge on my OBGYN. It usually takes them a few months. I didn’t feel like hounding them. You can hear the tales and other funny stories in my first half-hour comedy special ‘Good Island Gyal’.

Sooo, about them splits. My flexibility journey is still ongoing. I actually did a 90-minute stretch session today! Near the end of January, I completed 9 days of a 14-day stretching challenge. I got discouraged because I felt like I wasn’t seeing progress. Near day 9, I became less flexible. I forgot that rest (muscle rehabilitation) is an important part of training. It’s been about 5 days, and I finally saw more progress. By hook or by crook, I’m going to achieve the front splits. I recorded a few sessions, so you will see progress soon!!!

What have I been doing since last April?

I intentionally took a 1-year break from professional art-making (comedy, storytelling, fiction writing) and freelancing (content marketing and writing). The timing was perfect because I wasn’t in a great space mentally. A handful (yeah, that many) of good friends passed away, lots of family drama, my roommates and I had a bacterial lung infection and the flu (AT THE SAME TIME), and several scammers tried to do fraud on my bank card.

That said, good things also happened. I won’t share those right now because I’m rushing to complete some tasks on my to-do list.

How was 2023 for you? It was lovely seeing many of you IRL at my shows, on the Writers Guild picket lines, and on the internet. Hit ‘reply’ and let’s catch up!

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OBGYN revenge story at LTAM on 4/26—Onicia Update

Hey friends,

It’s me, Onicia—writer, comedian, petty-ass master troll! Where have I been? Fighting for my mother freaking life!

Okay, I’ll stop screaming and swearing.

Listen, the past 12 months has been a roller coaster and, ooh chile, I’ve got stories.

On Wednesday, April 26 at Louder Than A Mom, I’m sharing the hilarious tale of how I got sweet, delicious revenge on my shitty OBGYN. Dr. [REDACTED] was so focused on being a Botox Babe (TM) that she failed to diagnose my preeclampsia and almost allowed me to die. Oh, your girl was in the ER multiple time.

If you’re in Chicago, please come see me live.

If you’re unable to attend, but want all the tea, click the ‘I LOVE DRAMA’ button below. You’ll be notified when I post the video to my YouTube channel.

Chicago live storytelling show - louder than a mom - onicia muller

Feel-good story: My friends and Lectric got Bernard a bike!

A crazy thing happened, I launched a GoFundMe campaign and my friends inspired Lectric e-Bikes to gift Bernard a bike so that he can volunteer with Food Not Bombs. KEEP READING

Botched Booty Story Time

If you see me in real life, pretend that these videos DO NOT exists.

In loving memory of Elizabeth McQuern

Our beloved friend is gone. We miss her so much. Hug those you love. See you on the other side Tiley <3

News Onicia Updates

Feel-good story: Lectric e-Bikes restore faith in humanity

WE DID IT! Bernard received his new bike from Lectric eBikes. The bike rides like butter! Bernard made a foldable rap so that he can easily store the bike in his basement.

Food Not Bombs Humboldt Park received $278. They send their thanks.

You’ll hear from Bernard shortly. He’s overwhelmed and very thankful.

I love you all so much.


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Eleanor Roosevelt’s love column + art scams —Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

NEW #SCAMSSS: Invisible sculptures and blank canvases

Devin takes the wheel this episode to talk about two stories that have been bothering him for some time. Are these art scams really scams? Or schemes to take money from people with too much in the first place? $18,000 is about how much Devin has left to pay for the college degree he earned twenty years ago, but some people spend that much on “invisible sculptures” in Italy. KEEP READING

onicia muller - devin whitlock - scams

The Letter – A Short Film Directed by Alexis Park with Script by Ada Cheng

The Letter explores mental health issues within the Asian American community, particularly around the taboo and silence.

Dr. Ada Cheng was a tenured professor in sociology at DePaul University for 15 years until she resigned to pursue storytelling and performance. Today she creates platforms for people to tell difficult and vulnerable stories. On August 27, the 7th Congressional District’s Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF) and American Multi Ethnic Coalition (AMEC) awarded Dr. Ada Cheng the 2021 Educator of the Year award during the annual Community Heroes Award Ceremony.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s little-known advice column

The pandemic took a lot from us, including live performances. Thankfully, This One Woman is back! Chicago storytellers Kyna Lenhof (@KJintheCity) and Cynthia Shur Petts (@CynShurPetts) founded the variety show. Enjoy this hilarious clip of Elizabeth Gomez (@juannarumble) presenting former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s little-known advice column. 

Let the Black people in your life know you care. Send them a funny greeting card. [JOIN MAILING LIST] for 30% off all orders over $20.

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Janice Rodriguez [laughs in espanol] + NEW #scamss—Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

#SCAMSSS: Janíce V. Rodriguez on microdosing drugrs

Chicago comedian and comedy producer Janíce V. Rodriguez (@jvrspeaks) has thoughts about microdosing dosing drugs. Devin shares his thoughts, too, about how drugs were only made illegal because the government wanted to police communities of color. And hippies. KEEP READING

Janíce V. Rodriguez - las locas comedy - onicia muller



Funny Forward: Janice Rodriguez @jvrspeaks

Janice Rodriguez’s Spanish might be muy horible, pero her jokes are top tier. Get more Latinx Comedy on Las Locas’ YouTube Channel.

Let the Black people in your life know you care. Send them a funny greeting card. [JOIN MAILING LIST] for 30% off all orders over $20.

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Busting scams and cancelling my mustache—Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

NEW #SCAMSSS with comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh

Chicago comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh (@joycestandsup) loves public libraries. Devin Whitlock (@devinagagonistes) is afraid of the ‘most dangerous writing app.’ KEEP READING

library - Joyce Hagen-McIntosh - scams - romance

Books, Bible, Beer, and Queer podcast

A podcast with such a broad title allows comedian Joyce Hagen-McIntosh to talk to just about anyone about everything. In this episode, Joyce interviews Comedian Kristen Becker about changing lives of LGBTQ+ youths one Summer of Sass at a time.

Cancelling my mustache at Mother Cluckers Comedy

Special thanks to Joyce and Katie Speetzen for letting me sling jokes at Mother Clucker’s all-female comedy showcase.

Let the Black people in your life know you care. Send them a funny greeting card. [JOIN MAILING LIST] for 30% off all orders over $20.

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Fangirling for all the women in entertainment —Onicia Update

Hi friends,

So much happened this week. Along with releasing a new episode of #Scamsss, I also have a new YouTube collab with Comedian Kenzie

Rowland. But in even more exciting news, screenwriter Breanna Hogan’s new TV series (which is produced by thee Meagan Good) finally premiered on ALLBLK. Peep the trailer below!

NEW #SCAMSSS: Personnel Concepts scamming new LLCs? Klaviyo review

This week we puzzle over two different business ideas that look like they’re supposed to help but instead lead to sad, sad, scammy times. KEEP READING

klaviyo - personnel concepts scam - onicia muller - devin whitlock

Watch Breanna Hogan’s TV series À La Carte on ALLBLK

So excited to share that my internet friend Breanna Hogan’s TV series À La Carte finally premiered on ALLBLK. This is such an major accomplishment. Not only did Breanna write and sell her series, it also made it to air. So many projects die in development and even the testing phase. Shout out to executive producers Meagan Good and Dijon Talton and all the talented creatives for helping to bring Breanna’s story to light.

Crafting Jokes with Kenzie Rowland

Fellow femme in comedy Kenzie Rowland (@KenzieRowland1) and I got together for some YouTube shenanigans. Enjoy this video of us attempting to draw while singing the praises of Lucille Ball, Kellye Howard, and Ali Wong.

For more funnies check out Kenzie’s podcast Therapy Would Be Cheaper.

kenzie rowland - kellye howard - lucille bal
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Angie McMahon on the pros and cons of tipping culture—Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

Do you think tipping service workers is a scam? Devin and I would love to hear your take. In this new episode of #Scamsss we talk with Chicago comedian Angie McMahon on the pros and cons of tipping culture KEEP READING

scmas - onicia muller - angie mcmahon - devin whitlock

Catch me on Oh No! with Anna Campion

Fellow podcaster, Anna Campion (@iamthecampion) recently had me on her show where guests retell embarrassing stories. I share the hilarious tale about my failed prom and graduation dresses.

Angie McMahon is funny!

Angie McMahon is a comedic writer for hire. You should follow her on Twitter (@angiemcmahon) because, later this year, she will be on a Roku Original show. If you’re in Chicago, you can see Angie in a live Variety show headlined by Judy Gold.

May 14 at 9:30pm
The Vittum Theater 
1012 N Noble St, Chicago, IL 60642

Chicago Comedian Angie McMahon wisecrackin

Finally Taking Flight: Wing, the First Asian (American) Superhero

Wing is arguably more than a sidekick anyway. In his earliest appearances, he’s extremely competent: flying planes, defusing bombs, and proving to be a better hand-to-hand fighter than the Crimson Avenger himself sometimes. KEEP READING

Follow Devin Whitlock on Medium for more amazingly researched articles about comic books.

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Choose therapy instead of a nosy robot — Onicia Update

Hey friends,

The newest episode of #SCAMSSS is out! We’re so excited to chat and joke with Caribbean writer, producer, and director Kafi Kareem. In the bonus episode, Kafi plays “10 Films or Bust,” a game we made up to determine which films absolutely needs T E N sequels KEEP READING

Kafi Kareem - Caribbean screenwriter - caddy club - scams podcast

Therapy would be cheaper than people pleasing

Comedian Kenzie Rowland and Max Mitchell chat about anxiety and all the fun ways that can manifest in our lives. Did you know that you can stress yourself out so much that you get shingles at age 24?!

BTW, if you decide that therapy might be cheaper than whatever loco you’re doing right now, consider Erin Matthews and the licensed professionals at Living in Empathy.

Funny Forward: @panchopiggytron

Felt this in my soul. Shout out to the ancestors.

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Mia McCullough on stalkers + Blast Into Adventure with Paul Dailing — Onicia Update

Hey friends,

This week’s episode of #SCAMSSS is all about travel scams. Thanks to superfan Remigio T, we dig into fake AirBnB hosts and shady car rentals. KEEP READING

travel scams - car rental scams - air bnb scams - onicia muller - devin whitlock - chicago comedian

Blast into Adventure!

Former corruption connoisseur turned suburban socialite (LOL), Paul Dailing created Blast into Adventure, an amazingly spooky and funny audio drama.

Synopsis: A COVID-quarantined suburban dad starts listening to a 1940s radio show that shouldn’t exist. Then the show starts listening back.

Let me know which characters you think Devin and I voiced.

Funny Forward: Mia McCullough @brazenhussyrant

Stalkers today have it way easier than stalkers in the 80’s and 90’s.