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Creating Art I Love – Onicia Updates – February 2018

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“You like me! You really like me!” Last month y’all made me feel like Sally Field at the Academy Awards. I asked to collaborate and y’all put me to work. I’ll keep this brief because this month’s update is super packed.
That’s all I gotta say today. Keep recommending people I should collaborate with! Email me or shout at me on Twitter.
Happy birthday to my baby. Tante Lilo loves you ????

Upcoming Events

A Lill Annoyance Stand-Up Show (The Annoyance)
Stand-up Comedy
February 17, 2018

Feminist Happy Hour (Beauty Bar)
Stand-up comedy
March 14, 2018

This One Woman (Hopleaf Bar)
March 26, 2018

Published Writings

Sucker’s Garden
It’s finally here! My Caribbean audio drama that I co-wote and co-produced with Kimberly Meyers. It features voice talent by D.A. Robin, Adrienne Brandyburg, Kyle Patrick, Ty Riggs, James Gordon, and Ramiro Lynch. We also got press mentions in Caribbean Times721NewsSMN-NewsRobin MultimediaIsland VibezSXM Talks, and Pretty Witty.
I kept one eye on the crew and noticed the cameraman was filming the audience. SCAM DETECTED! They were gonna repurpose Eddie’s laughs in case we weren’t amused by the host’s cheesy jokes. Juxtaposition is TV black magic! this show was D.O.A. Roberto, the contestant, was drier than a stale piece of sliced white bread.
Yes, we want kids. Yes, the baby fever is real. However, as a dark-skinned black woman, I get annoyed when people who I thought appreciated my physical beauty seem to envy our unborn kids for having features I don’t possess. My husband empathizes with my frustrations. As a biracial man, he has had both positive and negative experiences with colorism.

“I’m sorry, I can’t transfer you without a contact’s full name,” I said in my Caribbean dutty head trying to sound like an American professional voice.
“I’d like a supervisor,” he said with the authority of a man too lazy (or unskilled) to employ advanced LinkedIn stalking techniques. No name leaves you with no authority, BTW. Do better research!


You fan for me, I fan for you!

It’s been almost 6 months since Hurricane Irma destroy my island. Here’s how we’re progressing.
Life in The Bahamas is not all about riding dolphins and sipping pina coladas by the pristine beaches.
Episode 37 – Issa Interview: Onicia Muller edition is here! We have the distinct pleasure of having the hilarious extraordinaire @OniciaMuller on to talk about her experiences as a published writer and comedian in The Windy City. Check out her work at!
— Pretty Witty Podcast (@PrettyWittyPod) January 23, 2018
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We asked successful women in comedy what they love about their work as well as the challenges they face. Their stories shed light on the warmth, wit, and hilariousness that these women use to grow and reach their audiences. Thanks to Correy Bell, Adrienne Brandyburg, Erica Nicole Clark, Ashley Renee Clopton, Kellye Howard, Onicia Muller, and Mo Phillips-Spotts for sharing their journey. (click to retweet)

My Morning Routine: Onicia Muller
Writer and comedian Onicia Muller on giving her creative work her best energy, the perils of burning the candle at both ends, and on how sometimes setting the bar too high can throw off her morning.(click to retweet)

Daryl and Kelsie set up for their first open mic show in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?
Writer/comedian Onicia Muller joins the show to talk about the highs and lows of comedy. We give our take on the Monique/Netflix beef (start at 15:20) and her request for us to boycott Netflix. We also discuss singer Amara La Negra’s Breakfast Club interview and colorism in the black community. (Click to share this episode on facebook)
Angelica filed for bankruptcy so we don’t have to.
Brandon and Deej invite St Maarten’s finest, Onicia Muller, to the parlor to talk the Golden Globes, Jamaican Seamstresses (skip to 50:30), and Stedman’s second life as Elite Singles escort.

A comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood.

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Photo credit Laurie Fanelli
A ray of sunshine with a dark sense of humor, Onicia Muller knows how to weave a hilarious tale about the human condition with a thoughtfulness that demands deep consideration. The Chicago-based comedian/producer/writer traveled from the Caribbean island paradise of St. Maarten to our city by the lake to attend grad school at Northwestern while pursuing a practical education by performing live on stage. (click to retweet)
Two young women who find a lucky penny on the street, but realize no wish can bring them what they want; answers about their ever distancing friendship.
Do you make cool things? Let’s collaborate!
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