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Everyone in Hollywood is Blowing ‘Big Smoke’ – Women in Film

Leah. 'Big Smoke' web series by Laura E. Bray and Miriam Glaser.
Miriam Glaser as Leah. ‘Big Smoke’ is written and created by Laura E. Bray and Miriam Glaser.

Big Smoke is basically what my life would have been had things not worked out for me and Le Roommate. 

About four episodes into this 6-part comedic web series about selling a TV show, I realized that Big Smoke is basically what my life will be once I work up the courage to actually sell my scripts.
Here’s what Big Smoke creators Laura E. Bray and Miriam Glaser taught me about selling a television script.
You can’t sell a screenplay if you don’t shop your screenplay. There are plenty of people looking to buy, so shoot your shot.
Despite what LinkedIn profiles, IMDB pages, or company websites say, everyone is just blowing smoke and hoping for the planets to align. So, yes, go to that pitch meeting with a positive attitude. Don’t sweat it if things fall through.

Don’t cyber-stalk your ex or creative competition — especially not before your big pitch. That’s a self-sabotaging activity that can lead to getting drunk, binging on ice cream, and weird headspaces. Focus on yourself. 
Pivot and wing it. Memorize your TV pitch and be ready to reframe the story so that your audience can better relate. 
Take all feedback with a grain of salt. The female exec might be going through a nasty divorce. Their note to kill your male lead might have less to do with female empowerment and more about unsigned divorce docs. Get it together, Liz!

Beware of full disclosures. It means to prepare for some bullshit. David, I’m looking at you!
BIG SMOKE: Things aren’t going according to plan for Leah, a thirty-something unemployed screenwriter who finds herself back home in suburban Melbourne after a whirlwind New York romance ends in heartbreak. Given her fragile mental state, Leah should probably see a therapist. Instead, she’s wrangled six US network executives to listen to her tragic tale via Skype in the hope of transforming her misfortune into a hit TV show. Watch full episodes at