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JBF is syndicated! – Onicia Update

I finally achieved my big goal for 2020: Just Being Funny is syndicated and now reaching thousands of readers! Sadly the world is on fire, and I’m not really in a celebratory mood. 

As a public figure of sorts, I guess I should make a statement.

Black Lives Matter.

That’s it. That’s the statement.

Here are some funny thoughts I slapped together while the world was burning. FYI, I write these months in advance because I’m an overachiever. 

For the curious, I queried over 100 Caribbean publications. Syndication is an accomplishment to celebrate. Many thanks to my editors, Darlene, Ian, and Xavier. 

Published Writings

I swallowed puke during my worst theatre experience (The Daily Herald)
The plan was to sit at the aisle near an exit and quietly step out if I needed to. When we arrived at the storefront theatre for ants, we noticed the seating formed a circle around the performance area. Exiting at any time definitely meant disturbing the show.

The hobo try steal me money and me dignity – rude! (
A hug? A  H  U  G?? Ain’t no hobo ever asked for a hug. Most don’t even want food, but he asking for a hug? Susss-picious.

No pen pals, please — I’m on this app for penis! (South Florida Caribbean News)
I should have paid for maybe then I would have met someone rich. You know what they say; You gotta spend money to catch a money.

Authentic cultural experience, my butt (
We ordered so much food that, if we ate it all, we’d need an Uber XXXL to drive both of us home.

Fan Girlin’

In other news, creating a greeting card is a lot more challenging than Deb Walker (Purley Zen) and I thought. However, we are making progress. While you wait for our big reveal, here are Deb’s latest creations:

You can purchase the 2020 graduation and the what’s the buzz cards on Etsy.

ICYMI: In other great news, the inaugural issue of The Black Woman’s Latitude zine is now online. You can read Three Litte Latchkeys on page 9

As you know, I’m a freelance writer for hire. Recently I wrote a fun beauty quiz for ASE Beauty where Idris Elba is the wrong answer. I know! I KNOW!!! 

We’re still patiently waiting to hear back from Sundance. August 12 seems so far away. In the meantime, I’d like to congratulate Maya Montrell on becoming a features contributor for The Onion. Me so proud.

Lastly, I want to thank the GOOD web developer erica dreisbach for creating my new WordPress website. Holla at her. She got my website up and running in TWO WEEKS!  

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