Botchecd Booty Series Comedy

Lil Fizz Leaked Manhole: Botched Booty Story Time pt 1

Hey Friends,

It’s me, Onicia—writer, comedian, survivor of a botched booty hole surgery. That’s right, I’ve been gone for a minute because I pushed out a human and then the Bad Butt Doc™ totally botched my hemorrhoidectomy.

Why am I confessing all of this in a 10-part video series? Well, the internet said Lil Fizz showed his anus on Only Fans. They claimed he looked busted and ran through. And to be overly honest—y’all already know oversharing is how I pay the bills—I decided to tell my truth. So, buckle up, like, comment, and subscribeeeeee!

In part 1: We talk about Lil Fizz from B2K and I retell my first time learning about hemorrhoids.

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