NEW #Scamsss + Amy Sumpter’s new comedy album!

Yes, women are funny!

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I let people say a lot of things, but one thing I won’t let them say is ‘women aren’t funny.’ This week on a new episode of #Scamsss, Dr. Ada Cheng makes light of serious work-related issues. Check out this web series I did with David Audino and some wonderfully talented Chicago artists. And finally, get to know Amy Sumpter. She’s hilarious, tall, and one of my favorite comedians.

NEW #SCAMSSS: Ada Cheng on sleeping with your boss and $1000 resume services

We discuss two ‘work scams’ with Chicago storyteller Ada Cheng! KEEP READING

episode 202 - scams swindles schemes - ada cheng

Pre-Existing: Aluminum Coverage

A flyer promising a free Women’s health exam gets Soranyi (Sandy Lee) and Keera (Sonal Aggarwal) to come into the Doctor’s office. When Nurse Steve (Greg Callozzo) reveals what hoops they’ll have to jump through to get coverage, they’re not sure if it’s worth it anymore.

Funny Forward: @amy_sumpter

Amy Sumpter is a tall, luscious lady who falls a lot. Please catch her! Also, buy her new comedy album #MsSumpterIfYoureNasty on Bandcamp.