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NEW #Scamsss + Sucker’s Garden audio drama

Do you like crime? Do you love drama? Are you a sucker for romance?? Of course, you are! (It’s the foundation of our friendship).

Hey Friends,

This week’s newsletter is packed with all of that. Season 2, episode 1 of #Scamsss is live. Also, take a listen to an audio drama I wrote with Kimberly Meyers. It stars some of my favorite acting talents from St. Maarten and Chicago. Should we produce the rest of the story? It’s already written!

NEW #SCAMSSS: Lace front wigs are still sus and you need body lotion

We start Season 2 revisiting one of our hottest takes from Season 1: lace front wigs and body lotion! KEEP READING

Sucker’s Garden – A Caribbean Audio Drama

A near-fatal carjacking forces a young man with lots of potential but a shady private life to choose between doing the right thing by helping a girl he barely knows and keeping his brother’s secret.

Funny Forward: @bodyourage

Do y’all act like this or nah?