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Nothing to Say - Onicia Muller Newsletter - November 2018

 Sooo, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. I want to send 12 newsletters this year but this month I have nothing to say. I thought about doing a year in review or thankful edition but I kinda don’t have the energy to put together a ‘meaty’ letter. So what can I do to keep the train going and provide value? Yuck. ‘Provide value’.

I could talk about my plans for 2019 but I’ve found it better and less stressful to share things that have come into fruition vs. prematurely telling you about projects. I thought about dropping links to all the media I consumed this month but meh, I’m tired. So tired I don’t even want to proofread this letter.

Confession: I haven’t washed my hair in over 5 weeks. I’m enjoying one of the best flat irons of my life. Sigh. I haven’t been up to much. Just bumming it at home, listening to podcast and audio books, something something.

On Second Thought

As I prepared to send my email blast I remembered that there are a few people I promised to shout out.

Mary Brown Design

Mary Brown is a Chicago-based web design and strategy expert. If you’re looking to update your website hit her up at or

Rebellious Gift Guide 2018

Spend some of your holiday coins finding the perfect gift on the feminist in your life.


Elizabeth Gomez at Heauxs has been the best at recommending podcasts. I also enjoyed her review of this series.

JBF: Promises in the REM Cycle 

Between my parents, my dad is good cop to my mom’s bad cop. He’s party cop to her – wait

for it – wise cop. He’s definitely not the –let’s just say he’s embraced the ‘que sera sera’ philosophy.

JBF: Missed Loved Connection

In preparation for my big Mexican study abroad adventure, I decided to get a Spanish tutor. Yeah, disregard the years I spent proclaiming that Spanish was not going to be a thing and that school administrators should stop trying to make Spanish happen. This year I needed to habla with the best of them if I wanted to embark on my quest to find caliente cabana boys.

KevOnStage: Funny In Real Life

Kevin is my fave male comedians. His first comedy special just came out. I’m excited to watch it.

Do you make cool things? I might feature you in my next newsletter or let’s collaborate!

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