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OBGYN revenge story at LTAM on 4/26—Onicia Update

My shitty OBGYN tried to kill me, but revenge was mine! I’m returning to the stage for the first time in A YEAR AND A HALF. It’s good to be back because I’ve got hilarious tales.

Hey friends,

It’s me, Onicia—writer, comedian, petty-ass master troll! Where have I been? Fighting for my mother freaking life!

Okay, I’ll stop screaming and swearing.

Listen, the past 12 months has been a roller coaster and, ooh chile, I’ve got stories.

On Wednesday, April 26 at Louder Than A Mom, I’m sharing the hilarious tale of how I got sweet, delicious revenge on my shitty OBGYN. Dr. [REDACTED] was so focused on being a Botox Babe (TM) that she failed to diagnose my preeclampsia and almost allowed me to die. Oh, your girl was in the ER multiple time.

If you’re in Chicago, please come see me live.

If you’re unable to attend, but want all the tea, click the ‘I LOVE DRAMA’ button below. You’ll be notified when I post the video to my YouTube channel.

Chicago live storytelling show - louder than a mom - onicia muller

Feel-good story: My friends and Lectric got Bernard a bike!

A crazy thing happened, I launched a GoFundMe campaign and my friends inspired Lectric e-Bikes to gift Bernard a bike so that he can volunteer with Food Not Bombs. KEEP READING

Botched Booty Story Time

If you see me in real life, pretend that these videos DO NOT exists.

In loving memory of Elizabeth McQuern

Our beloved friend is gone. We miss her so much. Hug those you love. See you on the other side Tiley <3