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Paying for a movie deal + breast implants?—Onicia Updates

New year. New Shenanigans. Long live Onicia Updates.

She lives!

New #scamsss and #JBFxOnicia. You’re welcome.

$299 for 5 Minutes to Practice a Pitch?! And No Deal

Airplanes, bagel heads, and breast implants—Just Being Funny

Caribbean comedian - onicia muller - breast implant - plastic surgery

The first generation of modern implants came out in 1963. Before then, breast augmentation surgery could be traced back to the 1800s. That’s right, we were blowing up boobies before we figured out vacuum cleaners, radio broadcasting, and electric washing machines! [READ JBF]

Cries in #trilingual 😢

Angelica (panchopiggytron) has another hilarious clip about Mexican culture (click on image or this link to watch)

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