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Moxie Robot review and filmmaker Kafi Kareem talks bad film franchises —Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We also play “10 Films or Bust” a game we made up to determine which films absolutely need 10 sequels.

Writer, director, and producer Kafi Kareem joins Onicia and Devin from Trinidad and Tobago this week to discuss why some movies deserve to have ten (10!) entries in their franchises. Is that a scam? Or just savvy business? But before they get into all that, Devin and Onicia discuss a terrifying new technological wonder designed to entertain children and steal your data.

Moxie the Robot sounds like a good idea in theory. Who wouldn’t want a little robot helper to teach kids how to socialize and/or learn things? But we’ve seen this movie, too. And even if we hadn’t, the robot gets your data and you’re technically only renting it. Who wants to explain to their kid where their robot friend disappeared to when you can no longer afford the payments?

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Moxie Robot review: calming kids or stealing data?

Onicia stumbled across an ad on YouTube, which is how the best stories always start. Designed to teach children soft skills, Moxie does look like it provides legit services like keeping the kid calm and learning how to interact with other people. But there were too many red flags for either Onicia or Devin to take this incredibly expensive therapy doll seriously.

Question: What would you do with a robot servant, and would you let it near your kids?

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Welcome special guest Kafi Kareem!

Filmmaker Kafi Kareem is the founder of, a Caribbean family movie company. She is the winner of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival Caribbean Film Mart Best Pitch Prize and a CaribbeanTales Incubator Big Pitch Award.

Film franchises are a scam (unless we’re making them)

Speaking of killer robots, how many Terminator movies are there gonna be, anyway? Kafi Kareem joins Onicia and Devin to discuss Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, Star Wars, and plenty more! Do we need ten movies in a film franchise? Who gets to decide what movies have franchise potential and how many films they get? We know the answer to those questions, as Kafi, Onicia, and Devin play a fun game and discuss what movies are near and dear to their hearts.

Question: What’s your favorite film franchise, and has it gone too far?

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