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Comedian Janíce V. Rodriguez on microdosing drugs and multivitamins—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Comedian Janíce V. Rodriguez (Las Locas Comedy) knows the war on drugs is racist

Comedian and producer Janíce V. Rodriguez joins Onicia this week to discuss how microdosing is a swindle but with two different case studies with very different outcomes. Devin shares his thoughts, too, about how drugs were only made illegal because the government wanted to police communities of color. And hippies.

Pivoting to a different kind of drug that actually has fewer benefits than the fun kind, Onicia and Devin talk about multivitamins. They’re poorly regulated and not nearly as good for you as we’ve been led to believe all these years. But it’s a huge industry and people spend way too much money on them.

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Multivitamins won’t make you healthier

Onicia revisits her old nemesis: MLM’s! Turns out multivitamins aren’t just unregulated and bad for you, they’re also used in pyramid schemes to trick you into thinking they’ll make you healthier. Then you end up with a bunch of multivitamins to sell. Devin tries not to yell too much about how all you need is a balanced diet. Eat more leafy greens!

Question: Have you ever taken multivitamins that weren’t prescribed by a doctor?

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Welcome special guest Janíce V. Rodriguez!

Janice Rodriguez - chicago comedian - las locas

Comedian and writer Janíce V. Rodriguez is the co-producer of Las Locas Comedy and the president of Adelante Live. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @jvrspeaks. Her name rhymes with Denise.

Microdosing drugs only “legal” for white people 

Janíce V. Rodriguez talks with Onicia about two very different people who shared in very public ways about doing drugs, only one of whom knew what he was talking about. When Black and brown people do drugs, it’s “crime”; when white people do drugs, it’s “liberating and creative.” Carl Hart gets a plug (he’s the guy who knew what he was talking about), and everybody has a friendly time.

Question: Do you think drugs should be legalized or decriminalized?

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