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Pre-Existing — a web series by David Audino

Life happens while you’re waiting

A 17-episode web series anthology featuring stories that all take place in one waiting room. A Hidden In Plain Sight Productions.

Executive Producer: David Audino
Producers: Lissette Hall, Maria Konopken, and Sara Savusa.
Written by: David Audino, Dana Quercioli, Sophia Rafiqi, Robel Arega, Asia Martin, Damian White, Yazmin Ramos, Katie Novotny, Onicia Muller, Neftali Morales, Catharine Savage, Jess DeBacco, Julie Marchiano, and Maureen Monahan.

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Episode 9: Aluminum Coverage

A flyer promising a free Women’s health exam gets Soranyi (Sandy Lee) and Keera (Sonal Aggarwal) to come into the Doctor’s office. When Nurse Steve (Greg Callozzo) reveals what hoops they’ll have to jump through to get coverage, they’re not sure if it’s worth it anymore.

The episode was produced by Lissette Hall and Ashley Connell. Kyle Hendrix provided sound and Remigio Muller helped on set as a PA. David Audino was the DP and editor.