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Choose therapy instead of a nosy robot — Onicia Update

Hey friends,

The newest episode of #SCAMSSS is out! We’re so excited to chat and joke with Caribbean writer, producer, and director Kafi Kareem. In the bonus episode, Kafi plays “10 Films or Bust,” a game we made up to determine which films absolutely needs T E N sequels KEEP READING

Kafi Kareem - Caribbean screenwriter - caddy club - scams podcast

Therapy would be cheaper than people pleasing

Comedian Kenzie Rowland and Max Mitchell chat about anxiety and all the fun ways that can manifest in our lives. Did you know that you can stress yourself out so much that you get shingles at age 24?!

BTW, if you decide that therapy might be cheaper than whatever loco you’re doing right now, consider Erin Matthews and the licensed professionals at Living in Empathy.

Funny Forward: @panchopiggytron

Felt this in my soul. Shout out to the ancestors.

News Onicia Updates

Paying for a movie deal + breast implants?—Onicia Updates

She lives!

New #scamsss and #JBFxOnicia. You’re welcome.

$299 for 5 Minutes to Practice a Pitch?! And No Deal

Airplanes, bagel heads, and breast implants—Just Being Funny

Caribbean comedian - onicia muller - breast implant - plastic surgery

The first generation of modern implants came out in 1963. Before then, breast augmentation surgery could be traced back to the 1800s. That’s right, we were blowing up boobies before we figured out vacuum cleaners, radio broadcasting, and electric washing machines! [READ JBF]

Cries in #trilingual 😢

Angelica (panchopiggytron) has another hilarious clip about Mexican culture (click on image or this link to watch)

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Reminder: Don’t eat from everyone’s kitchen 😩

Happy Holidays, friends!

Friendly reminder: this season (and every season, TBH) we will not eat from everyone’s kitchen. Some of y’all be seasoning y’alls pans with cat butt juice and then acting offended when we choose to dine elsewhere.

AITA for letting my cat sit in the roasting pan?

Comic Books Are a Scam! (But Not Really)—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Las chancalas are coming for dat 4$$

Angelica (panchopiggytron) has another hilarious clip about Mexican culture (click on image or this link to watch)

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