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Girl, your “invisible” lace front wig can be seen from space—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Billionaires are going into the stratosphere, and even they can report back on the wig lace featured in today’s video! It’s our eighth episode, and we’ve got another lifehack that actually works and more people inflating perceived value to desperately try and create actual value. Another “devoted listener” who will remain anonymous sent in a story about using a $5 birthday coupon for a salad bar to basically get a week’s worth of food. And Gretta van Riel uses marketing psychology to sell watches that don’t look like they’re worth the asking price. Reach out to us via Twitter, buy us a coffee, subscribe to our YouTube channels—and let us know your favorite vacation spot according to security questions down in the comments.

Gretta van Riel’s cool watch scarcity scam

Who wears a watch when our phones tell us what time it is, anyway? Onicia discovered another Instagram influencer/salesperson trying to peddle wares on social media, and the results may or may not be exactly as you expect! The asking price is pretty high, and we’re not sure they hold up under scrutiny but you can be the judge and let us know what you think. If you thought last week’s scammer’s claims of half a million dollars on Fiverr were unreal, wait until you see someone claim they got a cool million off Shopify!

Question: Who is your fave jewelry influencer? Tweet us @devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller

Lifehack: flip a $5 birthday coupon into $50 in condiments

Another “dedicated subscriber” who may or may not be one of our illustrious hosts contacted us with a great idea on how to get free condiments. A birthday coupon for a subway shop included a salad bar trip for only five dollars. You’d better believe that salad bar container was fit to burst by the time this person was done stuffing it with pickles, olives, and whatever they knew wasn’t gonna spoil too quickly!

Question: Tell us your best scam *cough* “life hack” for getting discounts.

Um, your HairVivi wig lace is visible. PERIOD.

Onicia had to promise Devin multiple times that this story wasn’t a trap to trick him into saying something racist. Once she finally convinced him, he listened to her point and had no choice but to agree with her! There’s awkward hair moments, and there’s whatever is going on in the video embedded in this week’s episode. Wait until you see Devin’s reactions this time!

Question: Can YOU see da lace, or naw???