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Podcasting grant and supporting Black creators — Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

Devin and I applied for a grant(?) from Podca$h. Help increase our chances by sending Podca$h a ‘love letter’ about #Scamsss. Deadline March 4. Don’t know what to say? Copy this handy message:

“Hey Podca$h, I need my weekly dose of #Scamsss. Give Devin and Onicia some money…and maybe also your social security number.”

Breadfruit Media has podcasting tips

The very booked and busy Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, founder of Breadfruit Media and Carry on Friends Podcast created a lovely podcasting resource. So, if you want to start a podcast, this Podcast Starter free mini course is for you.

7 super cute passion twist styles

As y’all know, I’m not booty guru but I do make content for beauty brands. Anyway, #TBT to when my beauty bestie Janera Rose created this fun hair tutorial. Anways, it’s February, go support a Black woman by like, commenting, and subscribing.

Stupid Thoughts—Just Being Funny

caribbean comedian onicia muller - just being funny

I’ve been a prolific nonsense talker for a long time. Here are some other stupid (but hopefully helpful) thoughts. Social media profiles: Please remove expired domains from your bio. I’m tryna stalk, and you’re leading me to dead ends. KEEP READING

“Who can relate??? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Those moments when you about to act all the way up on social media and your mogul spirit activates and intervenes 🤣🤣.” Follow @trending_sxm on Instagram.

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