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Travel scams: fake AirBnB hosts and shady car rentals—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Onicia and Devin go back to basics this week with no new guests, but plenty of stories. First up, somebody tried to scam Onicia! Good thing she knew better. Later, they look into fake AirBnB hosts. This is exactly how the housing bubble crisis happened. (We think. Allegedly. LOL)

The pandemic rears its ugly head again, because those AirBnB scammers were the first hit when it got out of control. Nobody wanted to stay in someone else’s house when they couldn’t leave their own! But we keep it light and friendly on Scams, Swindles, and Schemes and this is no different.

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Local car rental tries to scam a local

Onicia was visiting family and had to rent a car, but the renting service tried to squeeze more money out of her. She knew what was going on, though! Ultimately, she couldn’t fault these scammers from trying to get ahead. Too bad Devin doesn’t drive, so he could barely relate to any of what she was talking about.

Question: Do you think Onicia damaged that car or was the car rental company trying to pull a fast one?

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Fake AirBnB host get rich quick scam

Special thanks to Remigio Torres for bringing this scam to the show’s attention! Because subletting an apartment isn’t complicated enough, some people have decided to list properties they don’t own on AirBnB and hope nobody asks questions. Onicia and Devin talk about the logistics of this, how it was affected by the pandemic, and why it’s a terrible idea all around.

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