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Bathroom Confessionals — a web series by Onicia Muller

Bathroom Confesisonals is “Little Horribles” meets “Grace and Frankie”. Friendship is tested when two middle-aged women with questionable grooming habits rediscover their bodies, romance, and social values. They’ll learn that character is who they are in the dark; that place is their bathrooms.


Bathroom Confessionals explores rediscovering your body after 50 and how grooming habits reveal a lot about human character and life. Each episode opens and closes with a bathroom scene highlighting the episode’s themes.


DANICA WILLIAMS (40) an educated professional who’s lived alone for so long that she’s developed curious habits. These often result in navigating tricky intimate situations.

CYNTHIA JOURDAN (47) comfortable in her skin, she’s a vegan, who’s passionate about saving the planet. Not always checking sources, she supports all the radical causes with great enthusiasm.

STEPHAN ELLIS (29) T-shirt, hoodie, and jeans. Too bro or not too bro? Ambiguous. Stephan’s clean-cut looks downplay/hide he’s radical ideologies. As Danica’s love interest, he re-introduces her to Chicago’s activist community.

RICK BROWNING (50) a “dry and to the point” type of guy. He’s been a landlord for several years and has lived through every type of tenant.

The Script

WGA West Registry
Confirmation for registration number: 1844311
Effective Date: 6/2/2016
Title: Bathroom Confessionals

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Stageplays Stories

Oh Baby! — a play by Onicia Muller

Oh Baby! A collection of four short plays about couples and babies. This show was produced in part with a grant from Northwestern University.

Trial Baby | Knockoff Baby | Baby off Board | Baby Shower

Director Spencer Neiman
Writer / Producer Onicia D.L. Muller
Stage Manager Allison Pope

Cast: Josh Carroll, Safia Jalila, Cynthia Xerogianes, Sarah Patin, and Greg Callozzo

Original Cast

Josh Carroll is thrilled to be a part of Oh Baby! After completing his MFA at Western Illinois, he spent the summer in Indiana where he served as Artistic Director at the Shawnee Summer Theatre. Josh thanks Onicia for this tremendous opportunity.

Chicago native Safia Jalila is known for her vocal range and many theatrical and on-camera performances. Portraying comedic and dramatic characters, she earned a BA from Columbia College, MA from Roosevelt University, trained with Vagabond School of the Arts , and obtained professional coaching with Leah Daniels-Butler. Upcoming projects include:  City Blues: An Urban Tale (stageplay), Finding Andrew Watson (documentary), and a MTV Brand Project airing summer ’15. Safia is very excited to be a part of the Oh Baby! cast.

Accepting a part in a friend’s independent film, Cynthia Xerogianes is ‘late’ to the game, but loving every minute of it! A student of Black Box Acting and the Chicago Actors Studio, she recently played Eve in the Ashes and Embers production of Séance and Doris in The October Game Redux.  When off stage, she makes men look and feel handsome as a menswear stylist/outfitter for Trumaker Co. She feels Onicia is a fresh-on-the-scene and talented writer with an important voice that expresses truth through sharp wit and humor. Thrilled to be in Oh Baby!, Cynthia is also beyond grateful for her supportive friends and family!

Sarah Patin is a Chicago-based actress and a company member of The Runaways Lab Theatre. Previous credits include Sketchbook, The One Act Play Festival, The Young Playwrights Festival, and The Runaways productions of I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation and Faust. Next for Sarah is The Runaways’ production of The Party House

Greg Callozzo is an ensemble member of Under the Gun Theater. He appears regularly in Comedy Against Humanity, Vent and Based on a True Story. He received training at BSU, DePaul, Second City Conservatory, iO and other great places. This summer he plays Winston Wolf in the Commedia Beauregard project, Bard Fiction.  See him next at Double Feature Fridays in June at Under the Gun.  Greg is especially grateful to his wife Susan and kids Veronica and Peter for supporting him whenever “dad’s got another project.”