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Daniel Rosehill on annual rent increases and landlords picking your roommates—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

More scams! More guests! Onicia was scrolling through apartment listings recently at the time of recording, and Devin has lived in way too many apartments over a short period of time. Thankfully, that’s all behind them, but they have a few questions! In addition to their highly misinformed opinions, you’ll also get to hear the respected opinions of Daniel Rosehill.

The pandemic revealed a lot of systemic failures about housing in America, but has anything been solved? If that sounds deeper than Devin and Onicia usually get on this show, that’s because it is. They wonder briefly if the subjects are too depressing this week, but keep it light by talking about the worst roommates they’ve ever had.

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Raising the rent for maintenance that never happens

Onicia and Devin talk about how every landlord seems to think that everybody gets a big raise every year. Why else would they think that rent should just keep going up every year? Doesn’t matter how small it is, what is it actually paying for? And that’s before they start in on the landlords who get old tenants out so they can charge new, unsuspecting tenants hundreds of dollars more!

Question: What was the worst rent increase you’ve suffered?

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Welcome special guest Daniel Rosehill!

Daniel Rosehill - Freelance writer in Israel - technology, marketing communication

Writer Daniel Rosehill posts about Israel, technology, and marketing communications, and you can read his work on Medium here and watch his YouTube channel here.

$1300 for one room and no say in your roommate(s)

Onicia found a listing on Zillow that looked like it was a great deal: $1300 for a 3-bedroom apartment! Turns out, that was $1300 for one bedroom in the 3-bedroom apartment, and the landlord would be the one to pick who goes into the other two. This turns into an exchange of roommate horror stories, because if we can’t trust ourselves to find a good roommate why would we trust the guy overcharging for a single room?

Question: What’s the nicest thing a roommate has ever done for you?

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Daniel Rosehill on sketchy landlords and Mariann Aalda on ageism — Onicia Update

Hey friends,

NEW #SCAMSSS: Daniel Rosehill on annual rent increases and landlords picking your roommates

Daniel Rosehill has the best roommate (aww) and he rates annual rent increases as ‘scams’! KEEP READING

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Nah fam, I ain’t going to jail over some yoghurt—Just Being Funny

Speaking of useless but well-meaning property owners.The breakfast burglar struck again! I was enraged imagining them stumbling into the hostel after a night of misdeeds and slinked into the kitchen where they laughed at my sign while eating my yoghurt

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Mariann Aalda: Ageism Is a Bully…Stand Up to It!

Funny woman Mariann Aalda (@mariannaalda) shares the guiding principle she has utilized throughout her life, which she now applies to getting older. Her hope is that at the end of it, you’ll be saying to yourself: “I’ll have what she’s having.” Chicago native and Southern Illinois University alumna, Mariann Aalda was one of the first African-American daytime soap opera heroines as attorney DiDi Bannister on Edge of Night. Her acting career included roles on Sunset Beach, First & 10, Guiding Light, The Royal Family and Designing Women. She also hosted USA’s Designs for Living.

Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Making $378K A Year As A Fiverr Freelancer, Alexandra Fasulo—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Whatever kind of hot summer it is, it’s too hot for more than one story! This week, we take an extended look at the outrageous claims of a social media influencer who claims to make six figures while working freelance jobs. And she got CNBC to repeat her lies without any kind of followup questions! Aren’t the people who work there supposed to be journalists?

“Make a Fortune Writing on Fiverr”

Alex Fasulos claims to make six figures working as a proofreader/ghost writer on Fiverr. She presents all the usual materialistic “life goals” that finance gurus and other scam artists present: fancy cars, exotic trips, dream houses, etc. Devin and Onicia have both worked freelance gigs before, and neither of them think the math adds up here. Whenever you work as a full-time freelancer, you have a second full-time job: trying to get paid for freelance work! We owe a debt of gratitude for Daniel Rosehill for doing a lot of the leg work, and getting Alex to admit she uses a team to meet her ridiculous work claims (even if she doubles down on her ridiculous money claims). We’ve also got bonus content recorded for this episode! Make sure to check it all out!

Why I Have Suspicions About Alex Fasulo’s Claimed Fiverr Income (Or Methods) — Daniel Rosehill, Medium


  • Are you a slave to the gig economy? Plug your side hustle!
  • Is Alexandra Fasulo’s math mathing?