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Lil Nas X’s SNL Wardrobe Malfunction. Just call him Big Nas XXX—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Praise Elon Musk; we live to scam another day! In our fourth episode, we’re taking a closer look at Lil Nas X on SNL (but not too close–Devin is married and we respect personal space here). We also look at whether or not focus groups have gotten in on stealing your data, and revisit a story from our premiere. Tweet us your thoughts, comment on the video—and leave us the city your honeymoon was in and the make and model of your first car for good measure.

Lil Nas X’s SNL Wardrobe Malfunction

Lil Nas X performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on Saturday Night Live recently, and was supposed to do a pole dance number, but had to cut it short because of an unfortunately placed pants rip that may or may not have been deliberate, as far as Onicia and Devin are concerned. Was this a publicity stunt?

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Question: What do you think about Lil Nas X possibly pulling a Lenny Kravitz on live television?

Focus Groups Stealing Data?

Focus groups have long been an easy way to make some quick cash. Watching bad sitcom pilots, eating questionable new food flavors, or filling out a questionnaire are all good schemes and everybody wins (maybe), but what if they’re taking more than your opinion? What if today’s focus groups are stealing your personal info like so many other notorious internet scammers?

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Question: Have you ever participated in a focus group?

Maybe The Bachelor Isn’t a Scam? Or Colby’s Reality Show Isn’t?

In our first episode, we asked if The Bachelor was a scam because of its poor track record of matching couples with any lasting chemistry. We briefly touched on “Gay Bachelor” Colton and whether his upcoming Netflix show was a scam. Devin feels bad about his reaction, but stands by his assertion that all reality shows are a scam. Full stop.

Get Colton trending so he can get a show

Question: Is the gay Bachelor’s reality show legit? Does it matter when he made the deal with Netflix?