Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Scampaign Giveaway Details

Scams, Swindles, and Schemes is a hit! We’re launching a Scampaign to spread the word. What’s a ‘scampaign’? Glad you asked.



A series of sketchy activities undertaken to achieve a goal. Scam + campaign = Scampaign.

Scampaign Goals:

  1. Raise $700 to hire Shawn York Media to edit season 2. Yes, we paid him with our own money to edit season 1.
  2. Gain 476 subscribers for Devin Whitlock’s YouTube channel (total 500 subscribers).
  3. Gain 341 subscribers for Onicia Muller’s YouTube channel (total 500 subscribers).
  4. Thank our Marks (a.k.a. podcast fans) by giving away BIG MONEY.

Scampaign Giveaway: How to win $10

We’re giving $10 to our most susceptible marks enthusiastic fans. There will be one winner per episode.

  1. Subscribe to Devin Whitlock’s YouTube channel
  2. Subscribe to Onicia Muller’s YouTube channel 
  3. Watch an episode of Scams, Swindles, and Schemes.
  4. Comment on one of the videos. Be sure to paste your comment on both Devin’s and Onicia’s YouTube channels.
    Note: Onicia’s channel hosts the episodes. Devin’s channel hosts the clips. If you’re ever confused about which clip belongs to which episode just go to
  5. Celebrate by spending your $10 winnings.
    Note: Winners will be announced via Onicia’s newsletter. You have 2 weeks from the announcement date to provide your social security number PayPal or Venmo info to claim your prize.