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Moxie Robot review and filmmaker Kafi Kareem talks bad film franchises —Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Writer, director, and producer Kafi Kareem joins Onicia and Devin from Trinidad and Tobago this week to discuss why some movies deserve to have ten (10!) entries in their franchises. Is that a scam? Or just savvy business? But before they get into all that, Devin and Onicia discuss a terrifying new technological wonder designed to entertain children and steal your data.

Moxie the Robot sounds like a good idea in theory. Who wouldn’t want a little robot helper to teach kids how to socialize and/or learn things? But we’ve seen this movie, too. And even if we hadn’t, the robot gets your data and you’re technically only renting it. Who wants to explain to their kid where their robot friend disappeared to when you can no longer afford the payments?

You can reach out to us on Twitter, donate to our sleazy lawyer fund, subscribe to Devin’s and Onicia’s YouTube channels–and tell us what you would do with a robot or robot movie franchise.

Moxie Robot review: calming kids or stealing data?

Onicia stumbled across an ad on YouTube, which is how the best stories always start. Designed to teach children soft skills, Moxie does look like it provides legit services like keeping the kid calm and learning how to interact with other people. But there were too many red flags for either Onicia or Devin to take this incredibly expensive therapy doll seriously.

Question: What would you do with a robot servant, and would you let it near your kids?

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Welcome special guest Kafi Kareem!

Filmmaker Kafi Kareem is the founder of, a Caribbean family movie company. She is the winner of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival Caribbean Film Mart Best Pitch Prize and a CaribbeanTales Incubator Big Pitch Award.

Film franchises are a scam (unless we’re making them)

Speaking of killer robots, how many Terminator movies are there gonna be, anyway? Kafi Kareem joins Onicia and Devin to discuss Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, Star Wars, and plenty more! Do we need ten movies in a film franchise? Who gets to decide what movies have franchise potential and how many films they get? We know the answer to those questions, as Kafi, Onicia, and Devin play a fun game and discuss what movies are near and dear to their hearts.

Question: What’s your favorite film franchise, and has it gone too far?

Shout at @devinagonistes and @OniciaMuller on Twitter.

Fangirlin' News

‘Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat’ movie premier

Hey Friends,

How you been? Today I’m celebrating my nephew’s birthday. He’s so tall and beautiful and smart!

Speaking of things to celebrate. Congratulations to Diane de la Haye and Peter Sagnia on the premiere of their film Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat. They will be holding a screening on March 8 at Caribbean Cinemas on St. Maarten.

Diane and Peter are collaborators on The Wonderful Counsellor. Fab 4 was written by Diane and directed by Peter. The super funny comedic short film was shot on St Maarten and stars Rita Gumbs, Shama Flurton, Clarisse Glasgow and Kedisha Vidal.

Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat

Faced with a myriad of issues as they approach 40, a group of loud, feisty Caribbean friends travel to Nepal for a Silent Retreat.

Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat is loosely based on a group of actual friends from Jamaica, all born in December, who meet up somewhere in the world to celebrate milestone birthdays and experience a memorable adventure.

I’m grateful to have met Peter through Onicia, thrilled at his brilliant execution of the project and touched by how well the talented actresses in St. Maarten brought my words to life.” — Diane de la Haye.

Diane de la Haye - Jamaican screenwriter
Diane de la Haye, Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat sreenwriter

A sketchy dinner date with a broke sugar daddy—Just Being Funny

Whoring ain’t easy. Mess around with the wrong stranger, and we’d end up like that girl in Taken. And ain’t nobody looking for two broke black girls who were last seen in a hostel. KEEP READING

Big Man Dan: Heartbreak Happens

TBT to Kafi Kareem’s (@KafiKareem) super hilarious animated web series Big Man Dan.

In May 2018, reports of a shootout between two police officers shocked the nation of Trinidad & Tobago. In “Heartbreak Happens,” Dan of Story Play TV’s Big Man Dan re-imagines how he would have handled the heartbreak that led two officers to open fire on each other.
Heartbreak Happens – #BigManTing PSA 1

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News Onicia Updates

Blast into Adventure! – Onicia Update

Amma be honest with you. Emotionally, I’ve been feeling like a smooth 5/10. Then, my aunt passed away in November, and I dipped to a rocky 4/10. Now that I’m rested and replenished my ice cream levels (Thanks, Donni), I’m feeling like a 5 again. It’s not great, but it’s better than where I was. 

So, what’s new?

Blast into Adventure!
Chicago writer and corruption connoisseur, Paul Dailing created an amazingly spooky and funny audio drama Blast into Adventure. Synopsis: A COVID-quarantined suburban dad starts listening to a 1940s radio show that shouldn’t exist. Then the show starts listening back. 

It was a pleasure voicing Amaya Watkins. While my on-camera acting is usually best described as wet cardboard, thanks to my wonderful acting coach and co-star Devin Whitlock, I can confidently say that I did my thang. Skip ahead to episode 8 if you want to hear me act out a marital dispute that rivals Scarlett Johansson’s and Adam Driver’s performance in Marriage Story.

Caddy Club
Story Play Media‘s latest animated project, Caddy Club is going into production. Synopsis: A group of young troublemakers who become crime-fighting superheroes when they discover a magical portal at a youth golf program. After reading the script, I’m excited to see Kafi Kareem‘s film. Caddy Club is a wonderfully funny story that reminded me of C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. I loved the elements of magic and Caribbean folklore. Please help bring this project to life by shopping their merch and sharing their other project Big Man Dan.

2021 Resolution and Goals
Friends, I ain’t making no plans for 2021. This morning I had a fleeting thought about writing and workshopping a half-hour stand-up comedy set. But really, I just want to relax more, enjoy more art, encounter new characters, and play. If you have enough hope in your tank to make plans for 2020, check out ASE Beauty’s 8 Health and Wellness New Year Resolution Ideas .

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