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NEW #Scamsss + Sucker’s Garden audio drama

Hey Friends,

This week’s newsletter is packed with all of that. Season 2, episode 1 of #Scamsss is live. Also, take a listen to an audio drama I wrote with Kimberly Meyers. It stars some of my favorite acting talents from St. Maarten and Chicago. Should we produce the rest of the story? It’s already written!

NEW #SCAMSSS: Lace front wigs are still sus and you need body lotion

We start Season 2 revisiting one of our hottest takes from Season 1: lace front wigs and body lotion! KEEP READING

Sucker’s Garden – A Caribbean Audio Drama

A near-fatal carjacking forces a young man with lots of potential but a shady private life to choose between doing the right thing by helping a girl he barely knows and keeping his brother’s secret.

Funny Forward: @bodyourage

Do y’all act like this or nah?

News Onicia Updates

Podcasting grant and supporting Black creators — Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

Devin and I applied for a grant(?) from Podca$h. Help increase our chances by sending Podca$h a ‘love letter’ about #Scamsss. Deadline March 4. Don’t know what to say? Copy this handy message:

“Hey Podca$h, I need my weekly dose of #Scamsss. Give Devin and Onicia some money…and maybe also your social security number.”

Breadfruit Media has podcasting tips

The very booked and busy Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, founder of Breadfruit Media and Carry on Friends Podcast created a lovely podcasting resource. So, if you want to start a podcast, this Podcast Starter free mini course is for you.

7 super cute passion twist styles

As y’all know, I’m not booty guru but I do make content for beauty brands. Anyway, #TBT to when my beauty bestie Janera Rose created this fun hair tutorial. Anways, it’s February, go support a Black woman by like, commenting, and subscribing.

Stupid Thoughts—Just Being Funny

caribbean comedian onicia muller - just being funny

I’ve been a prolific nonsense talker for a long time. Here are some other stupid (but hopefully helpful) thoughts. Social media profiles: Please remove expired domains from your bio. I’m tryna stalk, and you’re leading me to dead ends. KEEP READING

“Who can relate??? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Those moments when you about to act all the way up on social media and your mogul spirit activates and intervenes 🤣🤣.” Follow @trending_sxm on Instagram.

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Fiction Stories

Sucker’s Garden — a Caribbean audio drama by Kimberly Meyers and Onicia Muller

A near-fatal carjacking forces a young man with lots of potential but a shady private life to choose between doing the right thing by helping a girl he barely knows and keeping his brother’s secret. Sucker’s Garden is a relational drama surrounding the themes of loyalty through the admission and omission of details. 

Sucker’s Garden  is the brainchild of Kimberly Meyers.  When she’s not modeling or competing in pageants, Kimberly works as a Public Relations Officer for the Minister of VROMI’s within the Government of Sint Maarten. Kimberly believes in using diverse communication channels and spreading positivity. Sucker’s Garden is the first of hopefully many creative writing projects. Kimberly has a BA in communication management and a MA in marketing management and public relations. 

Onicia Muller is a Caribbean writer and comedian currently freezing her buns off in Chicago. A former crime reporter and children’s columnist, she’s found her happy place writing about women in entertainment and telling stories. If you’re into oversharing, read her weekly humor column Just Being Funny in The Daily Herald’s Weekender.

Onicia voiced Stacy, Yolanda, and Robert.

Storytelling is our Caribbean heritage. During hurricane season, the radio stations played Anansi tales. Pa Ben, a local performer, preserved our island’s tales through storytelling – little anecdotes of regular island life and histories not recorded in books. We read through the late hours of the night until our eyes became heavy. Even at that point, we didn’t want the stories to end. We marked the radio dial to quickly find our favorite stations. Sucker’s Garden is a suspenseful Caribbean radio drama for big kids.

Writers and Producers: Kimberly Meyers and Onicia Muller
Audio engineers:D.A. Robin and Onicia Muller

Cast: Adrienne Brandyburg, D.A. Robin, Kyle Patrick, Ty Riggs, Ramiro Lynch, James Gordon, and Onicia Muller