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Princess and the Frog is a Black history fail—Onicia Update

Hey friends,

To celebrate completing Kalani the Fisherman, an original Caribbean folklore that I wrote for the 4C Foundation (Foresee Foundation), I’m revisiting La Diablesse.

I left St. Maarten hoping to write Caribbean stories for and staring Caribbean people. Projects like these remind me that I’m on the right track. Happy Black History Month!

Fun fact: Kalani is my super cute nephew. I love putting my people in my stories. <3

La Diablesse: Caribbean folklore audio drama

Princess and the Frog was a struggle—Just Being Funny

As a blaque woman, I’m tired of us having to play captain save a scrub. Yeah, yeah, they world likes to pretend like we’re unworthy bottomfeeders with a thunder load of children looking for a handout, but that ain’t true. Black women stay holding this raggedy world together, and we deserved more than a *checks notes* no-‘count philandering lazy bump on a log for a prince. And das fax. Big fax. KEEP READING

Kellye Howard is a natural crackhead

First off, I STAN FOR KELLYE! But also, this set kills me every time. EVERY TIME! Follow Kellye Howard on Twitter.

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Onicia Updates

Funny Greeting Cards – Onicia Update

No, no news from Sundance as yet. We find out on August 12. I’ll post the news (good or bad) in my September newsletter. 

My funny greeting cards are ready and my online store is live! Please support by art by buying a card. Cards not your thing? Consider sending me ice cream money. Thanks to all my beta testers and Deb Walker

Last month, I wrote and performed the tale of Lajabless for the Forsee Foundation. If you’re into ghost stories, then you need to hear about the Caribbean she-devil who entices drunk men and turns them into human sacrifices. You can listen to Lajabless and other Caribbean folklore on the Forsee Foundation’s SoundCloud

Just Being Funny: A sketchy dinner date with a broke sugar daddy
My wallet was stolen hours after I’d withdrawn thousands of Pesos from my bank account. We had just enough to cover our hostel costs until our trip was over. We needed money, and we needed it— Knock. Knock. Yuck, it was that toad-face, middle-aged guy who kept asking us out. ¡¡Lightbulb!! Talk about knock and […]

Just Being Funny: Mr. Greedy ate my regurgitated steak
Bullfighting is like a local gang challenging you to a one-on-one fistfight, but when you show up, they got a big ole knife and a clownin’ homie for backup. After witnessing the absolutely appalling murder of innocent bulls, I vowed never to eat steak that I knew personally. The murder? Horrific. The steak? Terrific! Before […]

Lastly, I want to thank the GOOD web developer erica dreisbach for creating my new WordPress website. Holla at her. 

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