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Mia McCullough on stalkers + Blast Into Adventure with Paul Dailing — Onicia Update

Hey friends,

This week’s episode of #SCAMSSS is all about travel scams. Thanks to superfan Remigio T, we dig into fake AirBnB hosts and shady car rentals. KEEP READING

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Blast into Adventure!

Former corruption connoisseur turned suburban socialite (LOL), Paul Dailing created Blast into Adventure, an amazingly spooky and funny audio drama.

Synopsis: A COVID-quarantined suburban dad starts listening to a 1940s radio show that shouldn’t exist. Then the show starts listening back.

Let me know which characters you think Devin and I voiced.

Funny Forward: Mia McCullough @brazenhussyrant

Stalkers today have it way easier than stalkers in the 80’s and 90’s.