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My new web show about scams is hilarious — Onicia Update

As a former crime reporter turned comedic screenwriter, a lot of my personal interests reside at the intersection of crime and comedy. Today, I’m happy to announce that Devin Whitlock and I have launched a new web show!

‘Scams, Swindles, and Schemes’ is a friendship web show thingy where we look at internet culture stuff, everyday problems, and ideas that may be more pervasive than you thought. Then we determine if something is a Scam, a Swindle, or a Scheme!

Each episode is under 15 minutes, and we cover 2 to 3 topics. Get ready for snarky comments about MLMs, get rich quick schemes, so-called ‘lifehacks,’ and whatever is trending on the internet.

Special shout out to our super talented video editor Shawn York of Shawn York Media for producing our videos and graphics.

Click over to to watch full episodes and bonus content.

A heartfelt THANKS to Eunice, Shatoria, and erica for being super generous supporters of the ice cream fund.

P.S.: Is there a possible scam or allegedly scammy person you think we should feature on ‘Scams, Swindles, and Scheme,’ email me at HeyOnicia[at]OniciaMuller[dot]com.

P.S.S.: erica Dreisbach is still the best web developer in Chicago —nay, the universe!