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Personnel Concepts scamming new LLCs? Klaviyo review—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Onicia and Devin are by themselves this week to puzzle over two different business ideas that look like they’re supposed to help but at what cost? In Personnel Concepts’ case, ten dollars! But that $10 is the result of being scared into thinking they’re the government when they’re just an ordinary business trying to sell posters and lecturing unsuspecting people about labor laws.

Our listeners who are stuck being office drones for eight hours a day might be familiar with Klaviyo. It’s one of a hundred similar marketing or project management software designed to make our lives easier, and we all know that the internet is free because it’s mining our data. Klaviyo takes it a step further by mining your data and the data of your friends and family!

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Is Personnel Concepts legit?

There’s a company out there preying on small business owners, making them think they have to send in $10 for a poster otherwise they’re in violation of labor laws. Devin and Onicia are surprised that this blatant posing as the government isn’t illegal in some way. Some people might spend more than that for a poster at a music festival, but at least they aren’t tricked into buying it because they think their business requires it!

Question: How much would you spend on a poster?

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More data thieves?! Klaviyo is sneaky

Everybody needs help organizing stuff. Even Onicia uses mailchimp to keep all our subscribers updated on the latest Scams news. But Klaviyo takes it a step further by pulling your name and email address just from you visiting a website. Doesn’t matter what your permission settings are or how you feel about getting updates from some random site you visited once. Onicia shares her strategy for using multiple accounts and incognito browsers, which used to sound like overkill to Devin but now he’s not so sure.

Question: What steps do you take to protect your data?

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