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Comedian Angie McMahon on the dark side of tipping culture—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Onicia and Devin are joined by comedian Angie McMahon this week to discuss all kinds of food scams, like cooking, restaurant culture, and tipping. Angie knows what it’s like to work in service, and Devin has worked in too many restaurants, so they had plenty to commiserate about! From drunk customers to cheap customers, they cover all the bases.

But this episode is more than just complaining about old jobs and continuing to foment the ongoing work revolution! Devin attacks restaurants themselves as a scam, since they’re the only business you can open with zero qualifications, and Onicia calls out the trending idea that cooking is a scam when takeout and delivery cost so much and are being taken over by apps run by greedy tech bros.

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Welcome special guest Angie McMahon!

Chicago Comedian Angie McMahon wisecrackin

Angie McMahon is the executive producer and host of Wisecrackin Comedy. She is the founder of the CIC Theater and Under The Gun Theater, is a faculty member at Second City, and has produced storefront theater in Chicago for 20 years.

Tipping is a scam that restaurants force us to buy into

And if cooking is a scheme, that doesn’t leave much room for the alternative! From delivery apps to unqualified restaurant managers and owners, there’s no shortage of scammers trying to convince you not to cook. But their biggest scam is how they get away with not paying their workers and put that burden on us! Angie plays a new game called “Tip or No Tip?” to answer once and for all who we’re supposed to tip. It’s the return of the biggest villain on this show: math!

Question: What jobs do you think deserve tips instead of a living wage?

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