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Ada Cheng on sleeping with your boss and $1000 resume services—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

In our second episode of season 2, Scams, Swindles, and Schemes has our first guest! You won’t just get to hear Onicia and Devin’s highly misinformed opinions, you’ll also get to hear the respected opinions of Dr. Ada Cheng.

Social media has once more inspired awful ideas about what it takes or means to get ahead in the workplace, and Devin and Onicia aren’t afraid to possibly get controversial. Is having an affair with a higher up a good idea for a promotion? Is any resume service worth $1000? What does someone who’s qualified have to say?

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Sleeping with your boss as a career move?

Onicia and Devin discuss whether it might actually be beneficial to sleep with your boss. Sure, every woman at every level of business gets accused of this regardless of the job or the context because of the patriarchy, but could it work if done right? And how could it be done right? Onicia considers the possibilities while Devin looks at history and everybody has a good time and a lively discussion that may or may not make you think.

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Welcome special guest Dr. Ada Cheng!

Ada Cheng - Chicago Storyteller - comedian - scams swindles schemes

Performer, storyteller, and speaker Dr. Ada Cheng can be found on Instagram at @sjadacheng and at

$1000 for a resume service but no guarantee?!

After Ada recovers from her horror at the first topic, she discusses with Devin if it’d be worth spending $1000 to have someone punch up a resume. And there’s no guarantee you’ll get the job! If you can spend that kind of money on a resume service, how badly do you need whatever job you’re looking for in the first place? Ada is nicer than our hosts, though, but she knows a scam when she hears one!

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