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Writing a romantic comedy LIVE on YouTube

LOGLINE: When a luxury car salesman, moonlighting as a dating coach, goes viral for degrading Black women, two hopeful romantics partner to expose fraudulent relationship experts and fall in love.

kevin samuels as a villain in a Black-led romantic comedy by Onicia Muller

Hey, Friends!

I’m writing a feature-length movie script live on YouTube. Join me Mondays-Fridays between 5:00 am and 6:30 am Central. Enjoy all the cool ASMR vibes like birds chirping, early morning traffic, typing, me quietly explaining my creative process while wearing my mouth guard.

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This untitled black rom-com is a fun, radical feminist, romantic comedy. It’s a fresh take on the traditional rom-com. No dated tropes. No heavy-handed dialog that feels like an after-school special.

Singer Lizzo and actress Mariann Aalda as BFFs in a Black-led romantic comedy by Onicia Muller

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