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Meghan McCain’s hairstylist hates her—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Scamageddon continues! In our second episode, we’re wading into politics (sort of). One of the greatest scams of all time! Tweet us your thoughts, comment on the video—but make sure to leave your mother’s maiden name and email password, as always.

Sarah Palin schilling the American Prosperity Summit

Not only did we find a video of Sarah Palin promoting the American Prosperity Summit, we found a guy willing to criticize it while promising his financial advice was the way to go. Which of these is the bigger scam? Or are they a swindle or a scheme? What would you do if you discovered a way to make six figures a month with eight minutes of work?

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Sarah Palin knows how Americans can make 6-figures working only 8 minutes a month!

Question: What would you do if you discovered a way to earn 6 figures by only working 8 minutes a month?

Jumping the COVID-19 vaccine line

Onicia discovered a way to jump the COVID-19 vaccine line. We know the vaccine isn’t a scam, but maybe there’s a way to scam better health out of the system?

Question: Have you ever dipped on a medical bill?

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Meghan McCain’s hairdresser is a Black woman and a troll

Meghan McCain is a staunch defender of the racist who insulted her dad for being a POW, but whoever is in charge of her hairstyles is clearly part of the resistance. We took a closer look at some of those looks and what they mean. Is Meghan McCain’s hairdresser scamming her the way Meghan McCain scams the women who listen to her?

Megan McCain’s hairstylist is a Black woman who has mastered the art of trolling. We stan.

Question: Do you think Megan McCain’s hairdresser is trolling or does Megan just lack swag?

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