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The Writer’s Room Women’s History Month Panel — Onicia Update

Hey Friends,

TGIF!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed hearing your takes on my current TV shows. Looking forward to watching your TV and YouTube recommendations.

Season 2 of Scams, Swindles, and Schemes premieres in 1 WEEK! Plenty of time to catch up on Season 1. Click to watch episode clips on YouTube.

The Writers Room Women’s History Month Panel

The Jeniro Agency invited me and some other talented writers to share our experiences and knowledge during its upcoming virtual panel.

The Writers Room was created during the height of the pandemic. It was conceptualized to build a space to connect individuals directly to media, but also to educate and authentically familiarize those with how media works, how pitching works, and the in’s and outs of true storytelling.

Now on our fourth go around, we are bringing The Writers Room back with new talent, new faces, and new writers to curate the same experience as the past three have lived up to! You’ll experience knowledge and insight into the media world, you’ll connect organically with writers, and you might just get placed in some cool outlets!

Thursday, March 31, 2022
7:00 PM CST

The Jeniro Agency, The Writers Room - Women's History Month - Onicia Muller

Therapy Would Be Cheaper

Fellow podcaster, Kenzie Rowland invited me on her podcast Therapy Would Be Cheaper. While we wait for that episode to air, enjoy Kenzie and Maurie Speed talking about religious trauma. It’s a hilarious and insightful listen.

what if jesus doesn't have the wheel and i'm a terrible driver. Therapy would be cheaper - Kenzie Rowland - Maurie Sped

BTW, if you decide that therapy might be cheaper than whatever loco you’re doing right now, consider Erin Matthews and the licensed professionals at Living in Empathy.

Funny Forward @mayamontrell

If a comic screams “cancel culture” in a forest with no one around to hear, how many book deals would they get by the end of the business day? #cancelculture #readingrainbow🌈 #GirlShutUp #PoorChoicesAreNotOppression WATCH ON TIKTOK

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