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Eleanor Roosevelt’s love column + art scams —Onicia Update

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NEW #SCAMSSS: Invisible sculptures and blank canvases

Devin takes the wheel this episode to talk about two stories that have been bothering him for some time. Are these art scams really scams? Or schemes to take money from people with too much in the first place? $18,000 is about how much Devin has left to pay for the college degree he earned twenty years ago, but some people spend that much on “invisible sculptures” in Italy. KEEP READING

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The Letter – A Short Film Directed by Alexis Park with Script by Ada Cheng

The Letter explores mental health issues within the Asian American community, particularly around the taboo and silence.

Dr. Ada Cheng was a tenured professor in sociology at DePaul University for 15 years until she resigned to pursue storytelling and performance. Today she creates platforms for people to tell difficult and vulnerable stories. On August 27, the 7th Congressional District’s Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF) and American Multi Ethnic Coalition (AMEC) awarded Dr. Ada Cheng the 2021 Educator of the Year award during the annual Community Heroes Award Ceremony.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s little-known advice column

The pandemic took a lot from us, including live performances. Thankfully, This One Woman is back! Chicago storytellers Kyna Lenhof (@KJintheCity) and Cynthia Shur Petts (@CynShurPetts) founded the variety show. Enjoy this hilarious clip of Elizabeth Gomez (@juannarumble) presenting former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s little-known advice column. 

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