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‘Waiting to Exhale’ Sucked! – Onicia Update

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Wuz gud, homie?

I’m twenty years late but I need to get this off my chest. Waiting to Exhale sucked. It sucked so bad I need to tell the world even if it gets my Black card revoked.

Chicago Public Schools are closed but the kids are still getting homework assignments via email. Sucks that kids can’t lie about homework being on a USB, in their email, or the printer being out of ink. Them was foolproof tales of yore.


The good web developer, erica dreisbach upgraded my website. Check it out while it’s still new and shiny.

Staying at home is making me loopy so I created a test to find out whether or not I’m gay.

Just Being Funny celebrated it’s third anniversary.

Black Women’s Latitude will be publishing my short shorty The Little Latchkeys in it’s innaugural zine. This is TLL 2nd publication. Woot!

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