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Abbott Elementary 😍 + Chat w/ Diane De La Haye, ‘Fab 4’ screenwriter

Hey Friends,

I’ve been watching so much TV that my eyes are bleeding. Have you seen any of these shows? If yes, tell me how much you love them (@OniciaMuller).

  • Abbott Elementary (ABC)
  • Grand Crew (ABC)
  • Ghosts (CBS)
  • Dietland (AMC / Hulu)
  • Inventing Anna (Netflix)
  • Ready for Love (OWN)
  • Love is Blind (Netflix)
  • Power: Force (Starz)

And if you know me in real life, text me so we can coordinate our viewing schedule <3.

I won the dumbest lawsuit ever —Just Being Funny

I was checking my spam folder, hoping for the real Bill Gates™ to confirm that he was sending me money when I noticed an email from a law firm about a data breach at Zappos. KEEP READING

Interview with Caribbean Screenwriter Diane De La Haye

Diane and I discuss the writing and producing process. We also watch the amazing trailer for Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat. MORE DETAILS

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