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Making $378K A Year As A Fiverr Freelancer, Alexandra Fasulo—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

Whatever kind of hot summer it is, it’s too hot for more than one story! This week, we take an extended look at the outrageous claims of a social media influencer who claims to make six figures while working freelance jobs. And she got CNBC to repeat her lies without any kind of followup questions! Aren’t the people who work there supposed to be journalists?

“Make a Fortune Writing on Fiverr”

Alex Fasulos claims to make six figures working as a proofreader/ghost writer on Fiverr. She presents all the usual materialistic “life goals” that finance gurus and other scam artists present: fancy cars, exotic trips, dream houses, etc. Devin and Onicia have both worked freelance gigs before, and neither of them think the math adds up here. Whenever you work as a full-time freelancer, you have a second full-time job: trying to get paid for freelance work! We owe a debt of gratitude for Daniel Rosehill for doing a lot of the leg work, and getting Alex to admit she uses a team to meet her ridiculous work claims (even if she doubles down on her ridiculous money claims). We’ve also got bonus content recorded for this episode! Make sure to check it all out!

Why I Have Suspicions About Alex Fasulo’s Claimed Fiverr Income (Or Methods) — Daniel Rosehill, Medium


  • Are you a slave to the gig economy? Plug your side hustle!
  • Is Alexandra Fasulo’s math mathing?