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Writing all da Words – Onicia Updates – July 2018

Onicia Muller Newsletter
Holy hotdog it is hot in Chicago — like Caribbean hot! This is the summer of adulting; I’m using a coaster and choosing water over soda. Well, I’m not really a sugary drink person, but I try to get at least one when I go to parties. 
Last month, I reunited with my friend Alicia Music in DC to attend IGNITE Caribbean’s 30 Under 30 award ceremony. Virginia is so beautiful. I love the hills and greenery. Between enjoying Five Guys, ice cream, and cherry danishes, I managed to squeeze in a salad or three. Told y’all this was the summer of adulting. It’s been about 10 (maybe 15) years since I’d been to America’s capital. Funny enough, I choose to pajamas that I’d purchased during me previous DC trip. Yuh gyal still got it!

Lately, I’ve been freaking out about how much I need/want to do before summer ends. I write thoughts I want to meditate on my whiteboard. Andrew Peterson inspired the quote “be kind to yourself.” When it feels like I’m not doing enough, I practice being thankful for what I’ve been able to accomplish and not beating myself up when it feels like world domination isn’t possible. As I wrap up this month’s newsletter, I’m reminded that I am not a do-nothing bum.  Enjoy the summer and remember to be kind to yourself! <3
That’s all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

Upcoming Events

The Kates (Book Cellar) – August 25, 2018

Looking for stand-up comedian or storyteller with Caribbean sense of humor? Book me!

Published Writings

I‘m a special type of Millennial. I was born on a small Caribbean island in a time before the internet. Jen went to her computer. It was one of those funky desktops where the monitor’s back was a transparent, purple plastic. Using her moderate typing ability, she launched a program called MSN Messenger. Then she used a string of characters called an email address to log in and start a chat with our other cousin.

JBF: Gyms are pyramid schemes (The Daily Herald)
I might be skinny but should the zombie apocalypse happen; I deff don’t have the stamina to outrun them things. Also, my body heats up like my radiator is busted within sixty seconds of increasing my heart rate. When my roommate Rebecca announced she joined a gym, I was ready to sign up.

To understand my relationship with my hair, we have to go back about seven years when I did the big chop. My natural hair journey started partly because I finally succeeded at destroying my relaxed hair by using too much bleach and heat. Also, I wanted to prove to my cousin that hair length was “locked in our DNA”; black women either had length or they didn’t.

JBF: In Which I Get a Roommate (The Daily Herald)That chilly September night, my new roommate and I drove to a nearby Target to purchase some room essentials. I needed bedding, groceries, and toiletries. I was down for going Dutch on some home essentials. After all, we’d be living together for at least a year. It wouldn’t be fair to just rely on her to supply all the community properties.

Being a rebellious human can happen in major ways like starting a intersectional feminist digital media organization or “small” ways like saving the planet by reducing your plastic bag use. Having to pay for bags to carry everyday purchases is annoying and expensive. Here are four alternatives for plastic bags and four tips for remembering to use them.

In the Press

Onicia Muller Named Caribbean Changemaker (The Daily Herald)

The annual IGNITE Caribbean 30 Under 30 award is given to young persons exhibiting leadership in academia, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship in the Caribbean American community. Now in its third year, the 2018 class included 30 Caribbean nationals from Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Croix, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, and Trinidad and Tobago.
St. Maarten-born writer and comedian, Onicia Muller, was named among the 30 changemakers for her cultural leadership. Muller started her writing career in 2011 and currently authors a weekly humor column in The Daily Herald’s Weekender. 


Here are cool things I found online!

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Onicia Muller Newsletter
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